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Tovino Thomas Strikes At Minnal Speed

When I came into the industry, I was not sure if I knew how to act, says the Minnal Murali star from Kerala

The Retail Disruptors

Serial Entrepreneurs on the art of Starting A Business, Selling, And Starting Again

Rising Star of Organics

The amalgamation of the science of plants – Botanicals with the concepts of Ayurveda is unique to Naturevibe Botanicals.

The Cyber Whizkid

In 2019, he launched an AI-based Anti-Piracy solutions which was funded by businessman Raj Kundra. Zeustride is the world's first AI based solutions to stop Online Piracy

The Money Lender

EasyFi is a permissionless money market protocol for digital assets completely built upon blockchain networks and is part & parcel of what is known as the 'Decentralized Finance' industry.

Procurement Partners

In 2016, brothers Akshay and Akash Hegde came up with the idea of ShakeDeal – a B2B ecommerce platform that solves problems in the procurement and distribution space

The Internet Enabler

Rohit Paranjpe, Co-founder and CEO, SugarBox in 2016 launched a platform-based, infrastructure service that ensures cheaper, faster and reliable internet access even in the farthest areas.

The Culinary Connoisseurs

Talking about future plans, Neha shares, "In the first two quarters our focus will be on deeper penetration in our existing markets (Delhi NCR and Bangalore)

The Immersive Learner

Practically is an interactive and immersive learning app for students of classes 6-12 with a focus on STEM learning.

The Idea Investor

Hardik Zaveri is the cofounder of two angel funds; 'Enabl' based out of Los Angeles, California and '8finity. Global' based out of Mumbai, India.

It Was The Best of Ideas Changing The Worst of Times

The baton goes to young entrepreneurs who disrupted the worst times with their innovations