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Amazon Used a 'Secret Algorithm' to Inflate Prices by Over $1 Billion, FTC Says

The complaint claims Amazon employed the "Project Nessie" algorithm to manipulate competitors.

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As Shutterstock earnings push on, can the stock reach $80?

Shutterstock shares are declining by 7.5% after rallying as much as 22.0% the day prior, as you will find out soon, the decline is completely unjustified


How Was Amazon's Pre-Holiday Prime Day? Here's What We Can Learn From the Sales Event

Amazon's fall sales event, Prime Big Deal Days, proved useful in boosting sales during a stagnant early quarter.


The Best Holiday Marketing Strategy for Amazon Sellers

Skyrocket holiday sales with this simple, proven holiday marketing strategy for Amazon sellers of all budgets to break through the noise.

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Why Amazon, Zara, and H&M Are Losing Customer Loyalty and Paying a Very Costly Price

Why risk obliterating customer trust for a few dollars? That's the high-stakes gamble that's plaguing the business landscape as companies increasingly implement return fees.


Amazon autoriza a sus gerentes despedir a quienes no trabajen de manera presencial al menos tres días a la semana

Esta medida ha generado descontento entre los empleados, principalmente entre aquellos que comenzaron a trabajar en la empresa de manera remota.

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Amazon Managers Can Now Fire Employees Who Refuse to Work From the Office 3 Days a Week

It's the latest update of the company's return-to-office policy.


Building Fastest Growing Marketplace in India

Amazon India has earned the sobriquet of 'Apni Dukan' with 100+ million customers. What's more, it allows one to shop in 7 languages, and has made inroads into smaller towns as well. During the festive season, close to 70% of its sales come from smaller towns

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Retailers Are Scaling Back Seasonal Hiring — But One Tech Giant Is Bucking the Trend

Big-name retailers, such as Macy's and Dick's Sporting Goods, will be hiring fewer seasonal holiday employees this year.


Jeff Bezos se convierte en su propio vecino y adquiere una mansión en Florida por $78 millones de dólares

El multimillonario Jeff Bezos realizó su compra más reciente de bienes raíces, y esta vez afecta literalmente a su entorno cercano.

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Jeff Bezos Becomes His Own Neighbor, Purchases $78 Million Florida Mansion Next Door

The billionaire bought another house in the same Florida neighborhood in August.


Ya sabemos que los mandatos de regreso a la oficina salen mal — entonces, ¿por qué gigantes de la tecnología como Amazon, IBM y Zoom insisten en restaurar esta obsoleta política?

En un entorno donde la innovación es la moneda de cambio, ¿por qué gigantes de la tecnología como Amazon, IBM y Zoom se aferran a mandatos obsoletos?

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We Know Return to Office Mandates Backfire — So Why Are Tech Giants Like Amazon, IBM and Zoom Reinstating This Outdated Policy?

In a landscape where innovation is the ultimate currency, why are tech giants like Amazon, IBM and Zoom clinging to outdated mandates?

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Two of Amazon's Most Popular Prime Features Might Actually Be Illegal

Among the practices under scrutiny by the FTC are Amazon's "Buy Now" button and the shipping component of Prime.

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Amazon Users Report Receiving Mysterious Gift Card Emails, Sparking Scam Worries

Amazon customers were puzzled when they received multiple unexpected gift card purchase confirmation emails for transactions they never made.