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Want to Sell Your Amazon FBA Business? Here Are 5 Lessons From Someone Who's Overseen $100 Million in FBA Acquisitions

Set yourself up for an exit by making decisions that will make your Amazon FBA business more sellable in the future.

Thomas Smale

How Amazon Can Help You Start a Side Hustle

Turn the e-commerce giant into your personal piggy bank.

Jeff Bezos Steps Down as Amazon CEO: 'Amazon Couldn't Be Better Positioned for the Future'

Bezos' last day was July 5, a sentimental date as it marks the 27th anniversary of Amazon's official debut as a company.

Emily Rella

End of an era: Jeff Bezos bids farewell as Amazon CEO, leaving successor Andy Jassy

As of this July 5, Jeff Bezos will retire as CEO of the company he founded in 1994 and the new CEO of Amazon will be Andy Jassy, who led Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Five Ways Businesses Can Use Amazon's Mission Statement as a Growth Strategy

The customer-centric model of the world's largest retailer is perfect for companies of any size.

Bobby Barr

How an Ecommerce Company Went From Unicorn to Small Fish

India's ShopClues had positioned itself as an ecommerce giant before Amazon entered the picture. Then, a series of missteps led to the company's hard fall.

Amazon Helps Seattle Cool Down Amid Record Heat

The online retail giant delivers relief as a record-breaking heatwave hangs over the Pacific Northwest.

Euni Han

Small Businesses See Biggest Win in History During Amazon Prime Day 2021

This year's Prime Day was the highest-grossing iteration of the annual event for third-party sellers.

Emily Rella

Over 100 Thousand Sign Petition to Not Allow Jeff Bezos to Return to Earth After He Goes to Space

After the owner of Amazon announced his trip to space, netizens began to sign a petition asking that he not be allowed to re-enter.

Amazon bought 1,000 self-driving trucks from a startup, will you say goodbye to drivers?

Jeff Bezos' company agreed to purchase a fleet of trucks with autonomous driving, which could mean that in the future Amazon will dispense with drivers for its deliveries.