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Jeff Bezos' Girlfriend, Lauren Sánchez, Is Going to Space With Blue Origin

Sánchez, a former journalist who collaborates with him on philanthropy, is bringing a girl gang to space.

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Amazon Launches $5 A Month Prescription Delivery For 60 Generic Drugs For Prime Members

The program includes medications like Escitalopram, generic Lexapro, and Amoxicillin, an antibiotic.

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'Amazon Got Greedy': Nonprofits, Experts Slam Amazon For Discontinuing Charity Program AmazonSmile

Amazon announced late Wednesday it was discontinuing AmazonSmile, which allowed consumers to shop while automatically donating to a charity of their choice.

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'Important Information About Your Role': Amazon Delivers News of Layoffs via Email

Some impacted employees lost access to work computers shortly after receiving the news.

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Microsoft Is Planning to Lay Off 10,000 Workers, According to Several Reports

The layoffs could affect as much as 5% of the workforce.

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This Founder Launched an Ecommerce Company After a Frustrating College Experience. Now, Its Shipping Times Rival Amazon Prime's — and It's Dominating This Key Area Jeff Bezos Never Did.

When Alex Zhou moved from China to the U.S. to attend Kansas State University in 2007, he couldn't find his favorite foods from home — and it inspired him to start online Asian marketplace Yami.

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Amazon Just Updated A Service That Will Make Shopping Even Easier for Prime Lovers

The Buy With Prime program rolled out last April as an invitation-only feature.

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'No One Should Have Been Told To Work Alongside A Dead Body': Amazon Workers Slam Company After Employee Death

In Colorado Springs, Rick Jacobs died on the job just before a change of shift. But warehouse operations reportedly kept going as usual — and workers say they were not informed adequately what was going on.


Amazon anuncia un recorte histórico de 18,000 trabajadores

Por medio del blog de Amazon, el consejero delegado de la empresa confirmó las filtraciones que llegaron a los medios.

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Amazon to Layoff 18,000 Employees, Largest Cut in Company History: 'We'll Be Inventive, Resourceful, and Scrappy'

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy penned a memo to employees after the news leaked of the impending cuts at the company.

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Amazon To Cut Over 18000 Jobs: Report

The layoff is said to be because of the uncertain economy and the fact that the online retail giant had hired rapidly during the pandemic

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What Is Temu, the Amazon Rival Rapidly Gaining Popularity?

The Chinese bargain shopping app has been downloaded more than 10 million times in the U.S. in less than four months.

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Two Charged in Ring Camera Hacking Spree Used to 'Swat' Police

The Department of Justice said Monday that two men participated in a nationwide scheme to hack Ring security cameras, draw local police and harass them.

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Amazon Will Open 19 Renewable Gas Stations

The latest fueling station in Illinois will provide 1.4 million gallons of sustainable fuel produced from organic waste.

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How Small Businesses Are Teaming Up to Boost Local Economies

How small businesses find and buy products to support other small and local businesses.