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Curiosity into Creativity Translator: Aditya Sanghavi Founded in 2015 by Aditya Sanghavi, the Mumbai-based startup claims to retail in over 5,000 stores across the country through distributors and works with a few supermarket chains.

By Minakshi Sangwan

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Aditya Sanghavi, Founder and CEO of Snackible

The challenging hour between lunch and dinner, when our stomachs growl for a light but delectable snack—an ordinary working man who had the same problem every day as the majority of people.

Frustrated by the lack of accessible, healthy snacks, Aditya Sanghavi delved deeper. The few healthy options were pricey and imports were found only in premium stores, according to market research, he claims.

Inspired by this unmet need, Snackible was born in 2015. "My passion for food and natural curiosity have always been driving forces. This curiosity translates into a creative problem-solving approach, which proved invaluable in building Snackible," shares Aditya.

While studying for a test, in between meetings, or while watching our favourite shows, Snackible helps us satiate our sudden mid-meal hunger pains.

Aditya emphasises that the startup offers over 80 healthy snacking options on the website, which serves as a one-stop destination for its customers' snacking needs, catering to multiple dietary and taste preferences.

Currently, Amazon, Swiggy, Instamart, Blinkit, and Zepto are among the online retailers carrying Snackible.

With over 700% growth in the previous 12 months, q-commerce channels are the brand's fastest-growing outlets, according to Aditya. Due to the impulse nature of snacking, these quick delivery platforms are an ideal channel fit for the brand.

"We are an online first brand, with over 40% of our sales stemming from our own website," says Aditya.

The Mumbai-based startup claims to retail in over 5,000 stores across the country through distributors and works with a few supermarket chains. "While international expansion is on the horizon, our immediate focus is on solidifying our domestic market position," adds Aditya.

There's a growing glut in the market for healthy snacks. Aditya states, "We compete not only with other health-focused brands but also with industry giants for the consumer's wallet share."

This intense competition, in his opinion, highlights how important creativity is to product creation, packaging, and design. "It provides us with a competitive advantage and helps us stand out."

Aditya believes that there's no "one-size-fits-all" formula for creative breakthroughs; a steadfast commitment to a structured and disciplined creative process can significantly enhance your chances of success. "At Snackible, we've cracked the code that keeps us ahead of the curve, and here's the secret sauce," he says.

Customers are the creative influence of the brand. Social media analytics provide a treasure trove of insights into their needs and preferences. "This allows us to constantly refine our offerings and content strategy, ensuring we stay ahead of the curve," Aditya comments.

Additionally, data analysis informs the creation and release of new flavours as part of an ongoing cycle of innovation. Every new product undergoes a rigorous three-month test phase, where the company tracks six key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure its success.

Aditya highlights that based on these results, we make informed decisions about whether to integrate the new flavour permanently into our product portfolio. This data-driven approach ensures that our product portfolio remains perpetually relevant and reflects our customers' latest preferences.

The firm plans to keep growing both on its website and through Q-commerce channels. It also intends to leverage the untapped potential in the offline channels by creating a further presence in modern trade chains as well as general trade through a robust distribution network and a range of low-priced healthy snacking options.

"We are about to launch at an incredible price of INR 10. We have also built a robust clientele in the B2B/HoReCa (hotel, restaurant, and catering/cafe) and institutional channels, with some of the leading corporates, hotel chains, vending machine companies, cafes, and airlines being our clients. We believe exports will also contribute to our growth in the coming years," tells Aditya.

Aditya offers the following advice to creative minds that are having trouble scaling: embrace data, think long-term, be flexible, and assemble a highly capable team.


Amount of external funding received: USD 3 Mn

Number of people employed: 27 passionate individuals

Turnover: INR 15 Cr (Net Revenue, FY24)

Year of Inception: 2015

Key customers: Noble Plus, 7Eleven, Haiko Supermarket, Deloitte, Accenture, Google, BCG, Paypal, etc.

Minakshi Sangwan

Junior Writer

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