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Growing a Business

How Small Businesses Are Teaming Up to Boost Local Economies

How small businesses find and buy products to support other small and local businesses.


Los clientes de Amazon otorgan $5 millones de dólares en propinas a los repartidores en un solo día

La semana pasada Amazon anunció un programa para que los clientes pudieran dar un millón de propinas de $5 dólares a los repartidores por medio de Alexa diciendo "Agradece a mi conductor". El monto se agotó un día después del lanzamiento del programa.

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Amazon Customers Give Out $5 Million in Tips to Drivers in One Day

Amazon announced last week it would pay for customers to give out a million $5 tips after asking Alexa or other Amazon products to 'thank my driver.' It ran out within one day of the program's launch.

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Amazon Is Introducing a TikTok-Like Shopping Feed

The e-commerce giant plans to use the addictive power of short-form videos to boost shopping experiences.

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'Alexa, Thank My Driver': Amazon Is Giving $5 Million In Tips To Amazon Drivers

Amazon is making it easy for customers to tip their drivers with any Amazon Alexa device or the Amazon mobile shopping app for a limited time.

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'Your Data Is Worth Way More Than This': Amazon Will Pay You $2 A Month To Track Your Ad Data

You can earn an additional $10 a month if you upload 10 receipts from purchases not made on the site. One privacy hawk was not impressed by the offer price.


Alexa, el colosal fracaso de Amazon

Hace casi nueve años, Amazon apostó por un asistente de voz, Alexa; sin embargo, los resultados están lejos de ser los esperados.


Apple y Amazon reactivan su pauta publicitaria en Twitter

El agresivo plan de incentivos para anunciantes diseñado por la red social parece estar funcionando.

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Elon Musk Says Apple Is Twitter's Biggest Advertiser

After a series of brands stopped advertising on the platform post-Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter, some of its biggest customers, like Amazon and Apple, are reportedly back to ads — or never left.

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Amazon Resumes Advertising on Twitter

E-commerce behemoth Amazon will resume its advertising on Twitter of around $100 million per annum, according to reports. The confirmation will roll out after some security tweaks on the social media platform.

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Amazon CEO: Retailer Won't Remove Anti-semitic Film Linked By Kyrie Irving

Andy Jassy said his company will "allow customers to make the decision whether they want to watch it or not."

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'Audacious' Amazon CEO Andy Jassy Explains Layoffs While Unionized Workers Protest Outside

Amazon began laying off corporate employees in November and is reportedly planning to slash 10,000 roles.

Thought Leaders

I Tried to Cut a Deal With Jeff Bezos to Help My Hometown. Here's What Happened (and the Lessons I Learned).

Here are a few valuable lessons I learned after presenting a proposal to Amazon's Jeff Bezos.

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Amazon Reveals New Drone Meant For Faster City Deliveries

The MK30 drone will be more versatile and have a longer range than the drone service launching later this year.


Amazon prepara un dron que hará entregas en 30 minutos

La prioridad de Amazon es que los clientes reciban sus paquetes de inmediato, por lo que el servicio de drones es una opción real.