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2 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Pitch

By improving the start and finish of your pitch you can instantly help stand out from the crowd and increase your chance of raising venture capital.

Growth Strategies

"We Got Funded!" UAE-Based GameCentric Raises US$1.5 Million In Angel Investment As It Looks To Triple Its Regional User Base

Launched in December 2023, GameCentric was created as a platform that can be used by gamers across age groups and skill levels.


A Decade In Review: Prince Khaled Bin Alwaleed, Founder And CEO, KBW Ventures

Prince Khaled's work has continued to grow and diversify, with one of his most successful ventures being Arada, billed as "the region's fastest growing and most progressive developer."

Buying / Investing in Business

7 Things That Set Angel Investors Apart From Other Early-Stage Investors

I've spent the last year working alongside hundreds of angel investors and founders. Here's the inside scoop on what makes an angel investor different.

Growing a Business

Why I Didn't Go on Shark Tank — and How That Decision Actually Helped Me Scale

A firm grasp of your business model and numbers is critical to scaling your company.

Business Plans

3 Key Things You Need to Know About Financing Your Business

Looking to fund your business? Here's what you should ask yourself before asking for money.

Buying / Investing in Business

7 Questions Every Founder Should Ask Potential Investors

Investors ask a lot of questions, but you should also be interviewing them. Here's what to ask.

Buying / Investing in Business

Why Investors With an Entrepreneurial Past Are Crucial to Startup Success

When we hear an investor saying, "Think like a startup," what does it mean?

Thought Leaders

How To Know if Your Startup Has a Proper Founder-Market Fit

Startups in their early stages face the challenge of limited data, leading investors to evaluate the co-founding team's potential for success. Founder-market fit, where founders' skills and qualities align with market needs, becomes crucial for investors. The article provides insights on how founders can demonstrate their founder-market fit to investors.

Business News

'That's Not What I Want to Invest In': Venture Capitalists Withheld Billions From Startups Last Year — and Neglected One Urgent Category In Particular

U.S. investors financed just over 3,000 startup funding deals last quarter, a significant drop over the year prior.

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5 Tips to Win Over Investors in Uncertain Times

Trustworthy, confident and coachable entrepreneurs don't allow an uncertain economy to distract them from executing their business plan.

Growth Strategies

A Guide To The Top Angel Investor Groups in Saudi Arabia

In this article, we have listed some of the most notable and active angel investor groups in Saudi Arabia, in no particular order.

Buying / Investing in Business

Why Angel Investors May Be Your Startup's Key to Long-Term Viability

For many startups, angel investors play an essential role — not only in early-stage enterprise development but in long-term company growth and success.

News and Trends

Personal Care Brand True Frog Raises $2 Million In Its First Funding Round

The funds will be utilized to improve diverse segments of the company, including research infrastructure and expanding upon its product portfolio

Money & Finance

3 Ways to Raise Capital and Take Your Business to the Next Level

Capital funding can provide the lift you need to reach that crucial new phase.