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The Art of the Power Nap — How to Sleep Your Way to Maximum Productivity

Whether you're shooting for the NBA finals or growing your business, a quick snooze can be a secret weapon.

Science & Technology

Learn the Basics of Automation Using PowerShell for $19.99

This Windows PowerShell course can help you realize efficiencies in your business.


AI-Driven Decision Making: The New Frontier in Business Finance

Join us for this free webinar to learn how AI and automation are powering the future for CFOs and other financial leaders.

Thought Leaders

12 Cost-Cutting Strategies to Help You Thrive in a Slow Economy

Unearth hidden profits in a challenging economy with these twelve effective strategies drawn from my own personal experience.

Science & Technology

How to Use AI and Automation to Boost Your Business Goals

The business landscape is evolving at breakneck speed, and AI coupled with business process automation is the catapult that's launching businesses to new horizons.


Why Being 'Always On' Is Killing Your Innovation, and How to Truly Disconnect

Identifying "prime time,'"strategic automation and other strategies for working well with no interruptions.


How Leaders Can Cultivate an Automation-First Mindset While Building a Culture That Rejects Repetitive Busy Work

Everyone says automation is essential, but most leaders aren't walking the talk: Here's how to foster an automation-first mindset in your company.


If You Want to Be Truly Productive Instead of Just Busy, You Have to Stop Doing This

Busy work ruins your day-to-day. Here's why we have to fight biology to be productive.

Growing a Business

5 Ways to Automate Your Client Onboarding Process

Nailing your onboarding process means happy customers that stay longer — and a much more efficient business.

Science & Technology

In the Age of Automation and AI, Focus on These 3 Marketing Tactics

With the imminent emergence of various AI and automation tools in marketing and PR, here are insights on navigating the industry's new tools and evolving landscape while remaining unequivocally committed to ethical practices amid the AI boom.


How to Boost Your Business With Direct Mail Automation and Retargeting — a Detailed Beginner's Guide

What is direct mail automation, and how can it benefit your business? Here's an in-depth guide.

Operations & Logistics

Good Customer Service is a Disappearing Art — Here's How You Can Be Different

Don't underestimate the power of human interaction.

Money & Finance

3 Secrets to Streamlining Your Accounts Payable Process

Not all AP automation software is created equal. Leveraging the right AP solution that aligns with your unique vision and available resources will ensure your business grows without compromising its individuality.

Science & Technology

5 Essential Automation Technologies for Your Restaurant

From online ordering to kitchen displays, check out these 5 automation technologies your business can't be without.