Here's What You Need to Create a Dynamic, Innovative and Resilient Work Environment

Harness the synergy of DEI and a change-proof mindset to unlock unparalleled innovation, resilience and success.

Growing a Business

How to Transition to Different Industry Sectors in Your Client Base

Most entrepreneurs start out with a limited customer base in mind, a particular slice of a specific market. But if and when you feel ready to expand your reach to a wider audience, should you? Can you? Here, a business owner in the midst of transition shares insights on sector expansion.


Adapting to Change Is Key to Surviving Every Consumer Demand — Just Ask Netflix, Blockbuster, WeWork and More

Many businesses have closed down because they did not spot major changes and failed to adapt to the new reality. Don't let yours be one of them by learning from history.


Why You Need to Embrace Uncertainty as an Entrepreneurial Leader (and How to Navigate It Effectively)

Leaders can unlock transformative growth by embracing uncertainty. Here's how.


This Billionaire Investor Says Most Founders Focus on the Wrong Question — Which Can Be Deadly

Thomas Tull wants founders to move with "velocity," and says too many of them let one preoccupation slow them down.

Growing a Business

This Couple Ignored the Common Wisdom of the Jewelry Industry, And Started Making $100 Million a Year

Aditi and Agkur Daga were told that their founding concept would never work, and at first, they listened. But they took a risk, and reversed course.

Making a Change

Why You Are So Resistant to Change — And How to Overcome It

For a lot of us, change will never be easy. But for all of us, it is the only true way forward.


3 Strategies For Turning Uncertainty Into a Clear Path Forward

It's natural to feel overwhelmed during times of constant change and gravitate back to our comfort zones. Reframing uncertainty as an opportunity is the best way to combat this urge.


How to Strategically Preserve and Evolve Workplace Culture Amidst Change Management

When handled in a thoughtful, intentional manner, cultures no longer impede but serve to accelerate change management and drive results across enterprises.


From Passive to Resilient — These 7 Strategies Will Empower Your Team to Thrive Through Change

These seven change management strategies are key to smoothly implementing organizational transformations.


4 Secrets to Unwavering Leadership Amidst Turbulent Times

Feeling overwhelmed by change and uncertainty? Learn how to navigate these challenging times and transform your worries into game-changing opportunities.

Thought Leaders

How to Harness the Power of Change in Entrepreneurship

Relationships within the entrepreneurial world can transform us, sometimes challenging the foundation of trust and collaboration.


There Are 5 Types of Innovative Personalities. Which Are You and What Does It Mean for Your Chance of Success?

When it comes to change, we need to lean in. As risky as change might be, not changing is deadly.

Business Plans

When to Update Your Business Plan

Nine signs it may be time to pivot from your original business strategy