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These 4 Words Make It Obvious You Used AI to Write a Paper, According to New Research

Scientists are increasingly using ChatGPT and other AI bots to write studies.


¿Qué tan cerca está realmente la inteligencia artificial de robarte tu trabajo?

Al combinar la eficiencia de la IA con la intuición humana, podemos utilizar la automatización para optimizar tareas y abordar desafíos complejos de una manera más efectiva.

Science & Technology

How Close Is AI to Actually Stealing Your Dream Job?

By leveraging AI's efficiency with human intuition, we can continue to use automation to optimize tasks and address complex challenges more effectively.

Science & Technology

These Are the Top 6 AI Threats to Your Business Right Now

The modern workforce is forever changed by artificial intelligence. If you fail to understand that we will all need to learn AI to some degree, you haven't been paying attention.

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See How AI Can Automate Your Business for $59.99

Find out how can you use ChatGPT to streamline your business operations.

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The Best ChatGPT Prompts for LinkedIn

Supercharging your LinkedIn presence with the power of AI.

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Beware the Duplicity of OpenAI — 4 Strategies to Safeguard Your Brand in the Age of AI

Follow these recommendations for best practices on how to prevent damage to brand reputation that results from AI applications without proper supervision by a human in the loop.

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Save $63 on an Introduction to ChatGPT Course That Spans 25 Hours of Lessons

Learn how to make this innovative technology work for you.

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Upgrade Your AI Skillset with This $30 E-Degree

This deal features a collection of courses on ChatGPT, Gemini AI, and other leading machine-learning areas for growing professionals.

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The Only Drawback of AI Is Your Attitude. Here Are 4 Things You Need to Change Your Outlook — And Harness AI for Success.

To truly keep innovating, businesses cannot stay away from AI integration. A visionary C-suite leader must follow a couple of cautious steps to truly reap the benefits of Gen AI. Let's decode!


You Can Fear It and Still Use It — Why Are So Many American Workers Shy About AI?

A recent study has revealed a worrying trend: American workers use artificial intelligence (AI) and AI-enabled tools less than their counterparts in other countries — far less.


Hombre se ayudó de ChatGPT para comer gratis en McDonald's por un año

El sujeto contó en un podcast que aprovechó la inteligencia artificial para engañar a la cadena de comida rápida.


Un estudio revela que ninguna IA infringe tantos derechos de autor como ChatGPT de OpenAI

Un informe dio a conocer que este modelo tiene 44% de incidencia en infracciones a la propiedad intelectual.


Anthropic lanza Claude 3, el chatbot que promete destronar a ChatGPT

De acuerdo con la empresa, esta herramienta tiene más rendimiento y capacidades que las de la competencia.


OpenAI acusa a The New York Times de piratear sus productos

La empresa de IA aseguró que el diario aprovechó fallos en el sistema para beneficiarse en el juicio en el que están involucrados.