Consumer Behavior

A New Type of Chatbot User Is On the Rise

Chatbot usage is on the rise and two types of chatbot users have emerged: Standard Users and Power Users. This article explores these two types of users and the history of chatbots.

Mahesh Ram

3 Types of Reward Programs Every Retail Brand Should Know About

Retailers must be three steps ahead in this fast-moving market.

Jordan Glazier

Ecommerce Is the New Normal. Here's What That Means for Entrepreneurs

3 strategies to strengthen your ecommerce approach to meet changing customer expectations.

Saagar Govil

How to Navigate the Fast-Changing Digital-Marketing Landscape

The rising popularity of social shopping and transformation of consumer behavior have made adaptable digital-marketing strategies more important than ever before.

Do Influencers Actually Nudge Audience To Buy?

With the advent of influencer marketing, the online selling space has changed quite a bit. Here's what we think about it

Puneet Kapani

Understanding Behavioral Economics Can Help Your Business Grow

Give your business a boost by learning consumer psychology.

ITCAN Adapts To Changing Consumer Needs Amidst Accelerated Shift Towards Online Platforms Through The COVID-19 Crisis

"The presence of coronavirus (COVID-19) has given light to a demand for e-commerce, which in turn, has accelerated the industry's growth. However, it is not only e-commerce that is experiencing the boom. The internet is filled with opportunities."

Knock-on Effects Of COVID-19 On Consumer Behavior And How Businesses Can Prepare For Them

It can be said that COVID-19 has changed the way we work, communicate, and shop more than any other disruption in this decade

Thomas Despin

Ferns N Petals Is Thriving Like Never Before

As millennials and Gen Z increasingly celebrate occasions with quality gifting, Meeta Gutgutia, Co-Founder, Ferns N Petals, elaborates how the brand is enabling increased customer retention and higher ticket sizes to facilitate franchise profitability

Ashita Marya

Factors Impacting The Growth of Cold Supply Chain Sector in India

As a country with the predominant industry being farming, the need on developing the supply chain with the focus on temperature control is nascent and highly disorganised

Aditya Vazirani

Humanizing Customer Experience

Conversations are the easiest, most personal and fulfilling way to facilitate interactions between the brand and the consumer

Nishith Patnaik

Netflix: The New Gen Content Producer

Has social media trained us to consume complex stories or there are other variables at play?

Pritish Sanyal