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Say Hello to Musio, a Ridiculously Cute AI Robot That's Keen to Chat

Think Siri, only cuter and less snarky.

Science & Technology

Old Dog, New Pics: This New Nikon Camera Case Let's Your Pup Snap Photos

Pho-dog-raphy is nothing to bark at, humans. It packs all the feels.


This Tiny $9 Computer Blazed Past the Million-Dollar Mark on Kickstarter

C.H.I.P. is a credit card-sized computing powerhouse that does quite a lot for so little.

Employee Experience & Recruiting

Chinese Billionaire Treats 6,400 Employees to a Free Vacation in France

Tiens CEO Li Jinyuan just took employee appreciation to a whole new level.


This Unassuming Kitchen Tool Blocks Wi-Fi So You Can Take Back Mealtime

It looks like a pepper mill but it's really so much more.

Science & Technology

This Gadget Lets You Text and Use Apps While Driving, Without Looking at Your Smartphone

Fiddling with your smartphone and driving has been shown to be more dangerous than drunk driving. If you're going to do it, you might as well do it safer. That's the big idea behind RayGo.

Science & Technology

Artificial Photosynthesis Breakthrough Aims to Save Us All From Global Warming

This game-changing 'crazy idea' could have us all breathing easier -- fingers crossed.

Science & Technology

Watch This Whiz Kid Solve a Rubik's Cube Faster Than You Can Read This Headline (VIDEO)

Speedcuber Collin Burns beat the previous record by a hair, a seriously impressive one. Don't blink or you'll miss it.

Business News

Apple CEO Tim Cook Busts Some Rusty Moves to Pharrell's 'Happy'

Sometimes you just have to let it all out.


'90s Teen Fashion Bastion Delia's Is Coming Back

OMG, like, no way. Yes way. #DeliasForever


Microsoft Wants to Clean Up Your Germ-Infested Smartphone Screen

Fact: Your little talk box is crawling with gobs of toxic crud. Microsoft aims to kill those bugs dead. Here's how.

Science & Technology

These Giant Robotic Ants Could One Day Replace Factory Workers

If you think real-world ants are creepy, wait until you see these artificially intelligent critters.

Science & Technology

Does Virtual Reality Make You Feel Queasy? This Big, Fake Nose Might Help.

Sometimes the answer is as plain as the schnoz on your face.