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Instagram Cooks Up 3 New Filters With a Side of Emoji Hashtags


Smiley face. Hashtag. Filter, filter, filter. In this case, more is better. Instagram seems to think so. The smash-hit photo-sharing app announced a fun bundle of fresh, new goodies today and we're digging them all.


First for the filter scoop. The three snazzy new photo filters available again sound like the names of the spawn of free-range celeb uncoupled parents -- Lark, Reyes and Juno. Hipster-matic to the max. The last time Instagram unleashed five new filters on the selfie-obsessed world was last December. We're still happy with those, but always game to try more. Instagram says it's bringing bundles more filters to the masses "regularly going forward."

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Now for what Instagram is hyping a "bonus update." You can now use emoji in your hashtags. Boom. Yes, at last! All of them. Well, except forthe all-important eggplant emoji. The spongy purple veggie got the shaft in the update. No aubergine for you, Insta-heads. Oh, well.

"Over the past few years, emoji have become part of a universal visual language," Instagram's announcement reads. "And just as we share photos and videos, we use emoji to communicate emotions and feelings in ways that anyone can understand, regardless of language or background." Aww, it just got deep. We'd express our candid emo reaction with an emoji here, but, unfortunately, our publishing system doesn't speak emoji. We'll get right on that.

While emoji are just darn adorable, expressing all the innermost heartfelt feels you can feel, they're also actually useful on Instagram. Not only can you add them to your own pics and vids, you can also use them to search Instagram's Explore page.

Now get out of here and go try it out. Off with you!

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