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How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The Way We Make Videos

From frame editing to script writing, how AI can help creators focus on what they are best at: imagination and emotion.

This Is the Well-Kept Secret to Writing Compelling Original Content

There are meaningful and useful subjects that your competitors will never be able to write about: your thoughts, reflections and ideas, so share them for maximum copy impact.

Find Inspiration Everywhere With This Pocket-Sized Color Sensor

It's an innovative tool for designers and DIYers alike.

5 Steps to Creatively Solving Business Problems

Being able to innovate is crucial to success. We show you how.

Scott Miker

In Unearthed Interview, X-Men Creator Stan Lee Reveals How Being Lazy Led to a $6 Billion Idea

The legendary comic book creator reveals the power of "taking the easy way out."

Dan Bova

How to Find and Refine Valuable Ideas for Your Organization

Instead of moving forward with every idea, learn to identify the best opportunities through careful evaluation.

Alex Tapper

9 Ways to Indulge Your Creative Side at Work

Thinking outside the box is a cornerstone of innovation, but creativity can come in many forms. Here are several ideas that might just make you a better entrepreneur.

John Boitnott

How Digital Art Can Help Your Business Stand Out

Indulge your creative side with this digital art bundle.

12 High-Earning Side Hustles for Creative People

Some side hustles can make you an additional $500-$1,000 per month from your home.

Haseeb Tariq

2021, The Year That Was: Omar Al Gurg, Founder, Modu Method

"I hope to be able to help influence people in a direction, where they can be socially active, while they're getting their work done."

Aby Sam Thomas

2021, The Year That Was: Natalia Shustova, Founder, Goshá

"As a brand, we've become strong enough for people to recognize us whenever they see our flowers. And as somebody who has worked with luxury fashion for a long while, I think that's a big achievement."

Aby Sam Thomas