How ChatGPT and the Six-Hat Method Present a Powerful Framework for Effective Problem-Solving The unique power that ChatGPT offers empowers the six thinking hats. The six hats, conversely, create a framework for writing detailed prompts that elevates the usefulness of ChatGPT taking prompt engineering to the next level in a structured way.

By Dionne Van Zyl

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As we navigate the complex labyrinth of problem-solving, we often find ourselves stuck in the monochromatic monotony of a single perspective. Edward De Bono, a pioneer in the field of lateral and creative thinking, offers a vibrant palette to paint our thought process - the "Six Thinking Hats".

Practically, this means thinking about a problem from six different viewpoints. Don on an imaginary hat to represent a thinking style. This system was developed for better decision-making and problem-solving. Each "hat" represents a different perspective:

  1. White Hat: The Factual Hat. Focuses on data and information. It answers key questions like: "What information do we need? What don't we know? What trends can we observe?"
  2. Black Hat: The Cautious Hat. Consider the potential pitfalls or problems of a decision. It's the critical, cautious perspective. It answers key questions like: "What can go wrong? Is it legal? What negative effect can it have on our market?"
  3. Yellow Hat: The Possibility Hat. Encourages optimism and explores the benefits or positive outcomes. "What if we pull this off, and it goes better than expected? What if this works?"
  4. Red Hat: The Intuition Hat. Deals with feelings, hunches and intuition. It gives permission to express emotions about the decision. It answers key questions like: "What does experience tell us about this? What happens when we take this type of approach?"
  5. Green Hat: The Creative Hat. Stands for creativity, new ideas and alternative solutions. It answers key questions like: "What out-of-the-box idea have we not tried yet? What would be the craziest way to solve this?"
  6. Blue Hat: The Leadership Hat. Manages the thinking process and organizes the information from the other hats. It helps formulate plans and actions. It answers key questions like: "Which two ideas from the other hats can we execute on — who, what, when and how?"

The Six-Hat sequence: Orchestrating a symphony of thought

We can do this exercise as a team or individually. Our exploration begins with the White hat and progresses through the Black, Yellow, Red and Green, culminating with the Blue hat. This specific order suggests a structured progression, guiding our cognitive journey from data gathering to decision-making. These six hats can be categorized into Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, and Metacognition — thinking about thinking.

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Critical thinking: A duel between the Black and Yellow hats

Critical thinking encompasses the Black and Yellow hats, each representing contrasting perspectives. The Black hat is akin to a cautious advisor, always probing for potential weaknesses and pitfalls in our strategies. It nudges us to apply logical, negative thinking, thereby promoting a rigorous analysis of our ideas.

In stark contrast, the Yellow hat embodies optimism, promoting a positive approach to problem-solving. This hat inspires us to sift through difficulties and mine opportunities, always spotting the sunny side.

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Creative thinking: An artistic encounter with the Red and Green hats

Next, we step into the realm of creative thinking, represented by the Red and Green hats. The Red hat appeals to our intuitive side. It acts as a compass, pointing towards solutions that resonate with our gut feelings and past experiences. This hat encourages us to trust our instincts, adding a touch of subjectivity to our otherwise objective analysis.

The Green hat, on the other hand, is the playground of creativity and lateral thinking. It encourages us to toss away the rulebook and venture beyond the realm of conventional ideas. It's the brainstormer of our cognitive process, nudging us to unleash our imagination and weave novel solutions.

Metacognition: Insightful introspection with the White and Blue hats

The last leg of our journey is metacognition, the art of thinking about thinking, symbolized by the White and Blue hats. The White hat is the detective of our thought process. It urges us to question, to probe deeper into the layers of information and to seek clarity. It aids us in separating knowns from unknowns, understanding what we need to learn and identifying observable trends. It's the torchbearer illuminating our path toward knowledge.

The Blue hat is the grand orchestrator, transforming the insights gathered from other hats into actionable steps. It represents the leadership aspect of our thinking, guiding us from brainstorming to executing, from ideation to implementation.

ChatGPT: Your metacognition partner

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is a potent tool for practicing metacognition. With the White hat on, we utilize ChatGPT to sort, sift and extract the information we need. We steer it with precise prompts, ensuring that it fetches the insights we seek from a sea of data.

With the Blue hat, we harness ChatGPT to draw practical actions from our ideation process. We shape the prompts to decipher what actions we should take and understand their nature and execution. It's like having a seasoned strategist who turns your grand ideas into a structured action plan.

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Painting a bright future with Six Hats and ChatGPT

When paired with the power of ChatGPT, the six-hat method presents a powerful framework for effective problem-solving. It allows us to master the art of navigating through the diverse landscape of thought, alternating between critical analysis, creative ideation and thoughtful introspection. By fine-tuning our prompts to ChatGPT, we leverage the White hat's factual prowess and the Blue hat's practicality, enabling us to make informed decisions and devise impactful action plans.

The unique power that ChatGPT offers is empowering the six thinking hats. The six hats, conversely, create a framework for writing detailed prompts that elevates the usefulness of ChatGPT taking prompt engineering to the next level in a structured way.

Dionne Van Zyl

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor


Dr. Van Zyl is an author, conference speaker, business leader, executive trainer, and student of the best management practices for over 30 years. He specializes in creating high-performance teams for emerging businesses.

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