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Facing Slumping Sales in India, McDonald's Makes Rare Change to Big Mac

India holds lots of potential for fast food chains, but new competitors have forced big eateries to keep things fresh.

Domino's Customer Gets Free Pizza for a Year After Returning a Delivery Box Full of Cash

A Berkeley, Calif., man accidentally received $1,300 in addition to his pizza.
Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Is Testing Uber-Esque Delivery Tracking Tech

The pizza chain is testing a tracker that lets customers know exactly where their orders are at nearly 80 locations in Texas.

Why Domino's Doesn't Need to Go Full-On Fast Casual

With a strong first quarter, the pizza chain believes it has found the balance to bring customers in the door.

Papa John's Launches Venmo-Powered Digital Platform to Split Bills

A new way to split the check when you're splitting a pizza.
Public Relations

A Tiny College Offers PR Crisis Lesson Businesses Should Study

When Shimer College was ranked one of the worst colleges in America, it trusted its loyalists to make its case. The strategy has worked well.

Domino's Pizza, Inc. was founded in Michigan in 1960 by Tom and James Monaghan. Today, the company is an international retail pizza chain and franchise that specializes in order and delivery using brick-and-mortar and e-commerce methods in approximately 220,000 franchises worldwide.