Growth Strategies

Edtech Platforms Capitalising On CUET Coaching Market

Be it major Edtech companies, UPSC coaching centres, or neighbourhood tuition academies, everyone is testing the CUET waters to see what opportunities it holds for them.

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A Visionary Pedagogue: Ujjwal Singh

Infinity Learn caters to learners from almost 4,000 cities in India, both through paid and free content offerings.

Growth Strategies

EdTech Crisis: Rise And Downfall of Byju's

The downfall for the company started when it failed to release results for FY2022 and later they were released after 18 months. The company is yet to declare its FY2023 results.


Big Goals, Bold Choices: Katrina Mankani, Managing Director And Director Of Positive Education, Fortes Education

"Positive education isn't just an educational philosophy; it's a revolution we're leading at Fortes Education. Think of it as educating the head, heart, and hands."


El inmigrante que creó una startup de IA para enseñar inglés a su hija y los niños de todo el mundo

Las empresas que fusionan tecnología y educación, han proliferado, ofreciendo acceso remoto a una variedad de habilidades demandadas en el mercado laboral. Buddy.ai emerge como una solución innovadora.

Starting a Business

The Entrepreneur's Guide To Setting Up An Edtech Business In Dubai

This guide by the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy aims to walk you through the essential steps needed to establish your startup in the edtech sector.

Growth Strategies

Conversational AI for EdTech: Revolutionizing Learning and Engagement

Conversational AI encompasses chatbots, virtual assistants, and interactive learning platforms, holds the potential to revolutionize learning and engagement.



This enterprise is pioneering video learning in the MENA through the largest library of video-based online learning across many subject areas.


AR Engineering

AR Engineering offers an immersive technology platform for learning and training designed to bridge knowledge and skills gaps for academia and enterprises.



Arabee offers revolutionary Arabic language learning: interactive, engaging, offline and online tools catering to diverse learning styles.



Duverse is a company born and based in Dubai that offers turnkey metaverse and artificial intelligence solutions to enhance the performance of various sectors.

News and Trends

GradRight Raises INR 50 Crore In Series A Funding

As a B2C-SaaS ed-fintech ecosystem, GradRight brings together prospective students, universities, and lenders on a single platform


Un proyecto enfocado en EdTech, el ganador del más reciente Techstars Startup Weekend

Danki brinda una solución dirigida al sector de la educación a través de la tecnología.

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Byju's Lenders Miss August 3 Timeline To Rework $1.2 Billion Loan Terms: Report

The timeline for reaching an amendment was formally announced on July 24 by a steering committee of ad hoc term loan lenders who collectively own more than 85% of Byju's $1.2 billion term loan

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Byju's Vacates Bangalore Office Space To Cut Cost: Report

Reportedly, the move is expected to save the company at least INR 3 crore in monthly rent