La compañía mexicana Blue Ivy Coaching adquirió a la EdTech Meliora de Canadá

La adquisición de Meliora es una compra estratégica que permitirá a BIC ampliar su presencia en coaching académico para estudiantes que busquen educación a nivel internacional.

What's Wrong With India's Booming Edtech Industry

From getting flooded with consumers complaints to experiencing capital crunch, how the flourishing edtech industry is increasingly seeing fault lines

Akshit Pushkarna

Creating an EdTech Course for Adults? These 3 Principles Will Make It Successful

Adults learn differently than children, so we need to make sure our EdTech programs are designed for them, too. Here are the three main differences to consider when creating educational products for adults rather than children.

Edtech Startup Udayy Shuts Down, Lays Off All Employees

The platform has conducted more than 130,000 classes with over 200 qualified teachers and 50,000 students used its services

Teena Jose

Is India's Edtech Losing its Mojo?

Many leading edtech startups such as Unacademy, Lido and Vedantu are taking the layoff route today

S Shanthi

Edtech Startup iNurture Raises $15 Million in a Combination of Debt and Equity

The funds would be diverted to enhance the company's technology stack for student placement

Akshit Pushkarna

Future Of Education: Role Of Blockchain Technology And Metaverse

Blockchain technology act as an effective educational resource in the process of learning which allows educators to publish content openly as well as tracking any re-use, without putting limitations on the source material

How Success Gyan Is Cracking The 'Success' Code

In the last 10 years, the educational platform has invited over 75 international trainers, hosted 500-plus live events and more recently hosted 1500-plus online sessions

5 EdTech Trends That Will Change Learning Between Now and 2030

Take a look at the five major EdTech trends that post-secondary students, educational institutions and EdTech startups alike should be prepared for.

5 tendencias de EdTech que cambiarán el aprendizaje entre ahora y 2030

Eche un vistazo a las cinco tendencias principales de EdTech para las que deben estar preparados los estudiantes postsecundarios, las instituciones educativas y las nuevas empresas de EdTech.

Formation Of a Self-regulatory Body In the Edtech Space Is Inevitable

Top leaders are evaluating how to collect and use student data as they seek to understand and comply with global privacy regulations that are designed to safeguard student information

From an Education Entrepreneur to Building an Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Lighthouse Learning is going to target the masstige and the premium segments in Pre-Schools & Schools and is actively looking out for acquisitions