Science & Technology

8 Trends Shaping the Future of Grid Energy

Grid energy is essential to daily life. But the grids of tomorrow are going to look very different.


These Invisible Energy-Draining Habits Are Making You — And Your Team — Less Productive

A closer look at some lesser-known daily habits that are covertly draining productivity — and how to combat them.

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6 Tips to Invest in Renewable Energy Now

Clean energy has never been more popular, but watching the (metaphorical) headwinds and political movements is always a good idea as you balance your portfolio.

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5 Renewable Energy Sources To Look Out For in 2024 and Beyond

Let's break down several key renewable energy resources and what investors can look forward to in the 2020s.

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High Gas Prices Aren't Going Away — Here's a Look at the Latest Trends in the Global Energy Industry

There are several important current trends worth keeping an eye on in 2023 to see how the energy industry, particularly renewables, responds.


Use This Hack to Schedule Important Tasks for When You're Most Productive

Here is why you should map your energy cycles and plan your schedule accordingly

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How the Circular Economy of Consumer Electronics Can Change Sustainability

Promoting the circular economy offers major sustainability benefits, but requires global collaboration across various industries.

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US$1 Million Up For Grabs In ADNOC's Newly Launched Global Decarbonization Technology Challenge

Applications are open until August 11, 2023, after which ten finalists will be selected to pitch their innovations to a panel of judges in December 2023.


Managing Your Time Well Won't Make You More Productive. But This Will.

A psychotherapist's new book taught me to rethink "relentlessness."


3 Energy Saving Tips Small Businesses Can Try This Earth Day

Small businesses can make a big impact on the planet, all while building employee-partner relationships and without breaking the bank.

Business News

Kevin O'Leary Says Here's Where to Put Your Money Right Now: 'Go Where People Hate It'

The "Shark Tank" star says the energy sector is "looking golden" when it comes to the latest investment trends.

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The Key Ingredient Companies Miss Trying to Be Energy Efficient

Safeguarding your company's cybersecurity can make a big difference.

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Learn to Model Your Business on Sustainable Practices with This Course Bundle

Learn to run your business sustainably and lower operating costs.

Growing a Business

A Job in This Industry Is Not Only In Demand in 2023 — Our Future Depends on It

Are you thinking of starting next year? This article discusses the benefits and possibilities of cutting into the energy sector.

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What Is 'Frackgate?' Inside Ohio's Fracking Controversy.

A lame-duck legislative amendment passed by the Ohio Senate last week is the latest chapter in a debate over whether and how to allow oil and gas drilling under state parks and other public lands in Ohio.