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5 Ways to Fix Your Lack of Inspiration

Inspiration is not a destination, it's a journey. It may come and go, but if you stay true to your values, passions, and take care of yourself, you'll be more likely to find it when you need it.


4 Causes And Solutions For Loud Quitting

Last year, one of the most popular keywords in the workplace was quiet resignation; however, this year, loud quitting appears to have taken its place. The term "loud quitting" describes the practice of workers announcing their resignation on social media or airing their grievances about their positions there.


If You Want Your Dreams to Become a Reality, Harness These 3 Entrepreneurial Responsibilities

Explore these entrepreneurial responsibilities and the inflection points between each.

News and Trends

Bill Gates India Tour 2024: 4 Key Highlights

Gates said earlier on February 25 on his blog, "Gate Notes," that he would be traveling to an impoverished Odisha village where a government program is helping women acquire the skills required to complete government building contracts.


5 Areas Entrepreneurs Are Manifesting Changes For In 2024

Recently, though, manifestation has seen a surge of interest. According to Google Trends, the search term "how to manifest" has steadily risen in the last five years. It comes as no surprise that individuals are not just manifesting overall wellness but changes in specific areas of their lives. We spoke to some such individuals to know what these carrier/sector-specific manifestations are.


4 Warning Signs Of A Toxic Work Environment

To create a better employee experience and improve engagement and retention, management must recognize the signs of a toxic workplace to combat the negativity.

Science & Technology

Carl Nassib Shares How Samsung Fuels His Passions Off The Field

Tech-Life Synergy: Crafting a Connected, Balanced Lifestyle


We Snagged Our Dream Home on a Luxurious Cruise Ship With $8 Million Residences. Here's What Sold Us on the Investment.

We'd always loved the cruise lifestyle — so we decided to make it more permanent.


4 Ways Entrepreneurs Should Power Dress

Power Dressing is an important part of building a professional image at work. Not only will this help you appear confident, but it will also increase your authority and credibility.


I Sold My House to Work Remotely on a Cruise Ship for 3 Years — and I May Stay Aboard Even Longer. Here's What My Life Will Look Like.

I was fantasizing about going on an around-the-world cruise. Then I saw an ad that could make it my reality.


Kapil Dhiman On His Journey From a DJ to CEO

Meta Studios' CEO, Kapil Dhiman has had such a journey that has led him to build the Metaverse start-up of the year. Not just that, he has built partnerships all across the globe with major brands and companies from across the sectors.

Growing a Business

3 Ways to Stay at the Top of Your Field

Staying at the top of your field takes work. It's an ambition many people share but don't always achieve. However, mastery is less about the skills you have today and more about the willingness to change how you look at success.

Life Hacks

Unlocking Financial Abundance: How Positive Psychology Can Make You a Multimillionaire

Individuals can become multimillionaires by cultivating positive emotions, mindset, gratitude, self-confidence, strong relationships, mindfulness and purpose. By applying these principles, individuals can increase their overall well-being and financial success in their personal and professional life.

Thought Leaders

3 Innate Traits You Need to Survive the Rollercoaster of Entrepreneurship

If you are uncomfortable with the up-and-down nature of entrepreneurship, you might not be cut out to be an entrepreneur.

Life Hacks

How to Detect a Liar in Seconds Using Nonverbal Communication

There are many ways to understand if someone is not honest with you. The following signs do not even require words and are all nonverbal queues.