Kapil Dhiman On His Journey From a DJ to CEO Meta Studios' CEO, Kapil Dhiman has had such a journey that has led him to build the Metaverse start-up of the year. Not just that, he has built partnerships all across the globe with major brands and companies from across the sectors.

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Kapil Dhiman

The semi-legendary ancient Chinese Taoist philosopher, Lao Tzu once said, 'the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step'. What we take away from this is that even the longest and most difficult ventures have a starting point; something which begins with one first step. Meta Studios' CEO, Kapil Dhiman has had such a journey that has led him to build the Metaverse start-up of the year. Not just that, he has built partnerships all across the globe with major brands and companies from across the sectors, he actively mentors over 12 startups in the space, actively conducts webinars and coaching sessions, is a leading global Keynote speaker across the world, and has closely worked with the Indian government bodies for maximising the potential of Metaverse and Gaming business in India and frankly the list goes on. However, before winning these laurels, Kapil's first step in his journey was unconventional to say the least.

He donned the hat of a DJ and Rapper at night, who performed all over the country as an emerging artist. In retrospect, this moment of creativity did not take away from the businessman Kapil Dhiman innately is, as he could understand the nuances of the music business and grew to build his own music label managing Hip hop Artists. "So I saw both sides of the world – first as an Artist, and now as a music label managing other artists. I could step in their shoes, as I had walked their journey."

Kapil's passion led him to dive deeper into the Web3 world, "When I learnt and became a believer of the decentralisation technology, virtual worlds, and much more. I could see how the entertainment industry can skyrocket from this new revolution if we leverage it properly. For me, it was always finding ways on how we can bring more value to the users, in this case the Artists and their fans. And there began my first journey in the Web3 world. I started building a decentralised social media platform for the entertainment sector. From that day, there has never been a look back," he said. It was not until 2018 that Kapil joined the Web3 space, "I could see and understand that this is one of the biggest revolutions happening in our age. I had already missed one revolution – the Internet boom in the 90s (being a 90s kid), but this was happening right at the age when I could understand it in-and-out and I was confident that I could lead in this. So I dived deeper, and made it my mission to build something that generations can respect and look up to."

Every entrepreneur has a list of goals and targets that they wish to achieve once they start their journey. For Kapil, one particular goal was to "build one of the most respectable and innovative companies in the world from India." Apart from this, Kapil also wants to play a part in changing the narrative from Silicon Valley being the go- to destination for many, to India becoming the destination for every business and builder. He explained that his dreams have always been clear, he said, " I want to disrupt, challenge the status quo and build something futuristic. I want to build a legacy that generations can benefit from even after I leave this world. I am moving forward one step at a time. Trying to change the world for good, one day at a time."

Having done all this is far from cake walk, several entrepreneurs have a mentor to rely on, Kapil's thoughts on the same are "I have met many amazing builders on my road whom I constantly learn from, but did not get the opportunity to have a mentor guiding my way. Had to build my own path and I continue to do so even today." "It has been a self-learning journey," he concluded.

What we can expect from this trailblazer in the future is that he will continue to work towards making India a global stage for the Gaming and metaverse sector with the same dedication he had when he took his unique first step.

Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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