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Flipkart Commits To 100% Transition To Electric Vehicles By 2030

For this initiative, the Walmart-owned e-commerce firm is committing a phased integration of electric vehicles into its entire fleet by 2030

Debarghya Sil

Tides To Surf In the Indian Electric Vehicle Industry

India still has a long way to go but there has been a great start to the journey

Switching to Electric Vehicle Is Difficult Without Omnipresent Charging Infrastructure, Says Ratan Tata

The Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons has asked governments across the world and auto industry to take a measured view on the propulsion system for cars of the future

[Start-it-up] A Public EV Charging Station Business

As the central government de-licensed the activity of setting up of public EV chargers, you might want to look at the space for business opportunity

Shreya Ganguly

Despite Public And Private Push, Electric Four Wheeler Segment Records Disappointing Sales

According to the ET Auto report, only 1,309 units of electric cars were sold in India in April-November of FY20

Shreya Ganguly

Raja Gayam Gives 3 Reasons to Switch Fully to Electric Vehicles

The founder of Gayam Motor Works discusses the ecosystem of EVs in India, praises some steps of the government but adds the road towards complete EV adoption is long

Bhavya Kaushal

These Steps will Ensure India is Prepared for the EV Revolution

The policymakers and the automobile industry are implementing critically productive measures to maneuver a nationwide change

Akhil Aryan

Is EV Localization Mandate Crucial In the Long Run?

Industry experts believe that localization mandate may be the reason behind low sales but it will lead to the manufacturing of good quality products in a long run

Can Focusing on Vehicle Electronics And Technology Help EV Players Achieve Localization?

While raw materials such as lithium needs to be imported from other countries due to lack of reserves in India, the technology to process and build batteries can be achieved in India

Shreya Ganguly

Is Lack of Charging Infrastructure Impeding Growth of Electric Vehicle Sales?

A question that remains unanswered is whether development of charging infrastructure is necessary for deployment of the vehicles or is it the other way round

Shreya Ganguly

'Initial Traction For E-Mobility Especially In Four-Wheelers Will Come From Fleet Operators'

According to Anirudh Arun, chief operating officer, Blu Smart Mobility, the initial traction, especially in the four-wheelers segment will come from fleet operators

Shreya Ganguly

Trescon Making EV Dialogue Simpler With World EV Show

The event is aimed at opening up business opportunities and investments in the Indian electric vehicle space

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