Exploring New Markets

Scaling Across European Borders: How to Tackle Regulation and Team Culture When Expanding Your Company

Even with a single currency, expanding to a new EU country is not a walk in the park.

Ludovic Gaudé

When Is the Best Time for My Company to Enter a New Market?

Expansion into new markets can help businesses find new revenue streams and increase brand awareness or stave off competition.

3 Tips for Starting a Company in an Unfamiliar Industry

Launching a company within an industry you know nothing about? (Like Elon Musk did). No, you're not crazy.

Hope Horner

Why Singapore-based Fintech Start-ups are Making a Bee-line to Enter Indian Markets

The major benefit in entering India is the inherent advantage of vast and diverse markets

Sanchita Dash

Why Anti-Aging Products Are the New Startup Frontier

The anti-aging market is flourishing -- and boomers are both its potential investors and customers.

Kevin Xu

6 Questions You Should Ask Before Moving Your Company to a New Location

When it comes to big decisions like opening up a new location, it often helps to sweat the small stuff. Here's a quick list of questions I ended up having to ask myself when my company made the move from New York to St. Louis.

From Cupcakes to Muffins: How Baked by Melissa Plans to Find Sweet Success Once Again

On top of cupcakes and macarons, the New York bakery chain just added muffins to its offerings.

Crossing Shores: A Middle East-Born Brand Makes Its Way To London

The idea of taking Boutique 1 outside the region has developed slowly over a long period: co-founder and co-CEO Ziad Matta shares the factors that led to the luxury retail brand's expansion.

Ziad Matta

Why You Won't Be Playing Super Mario Bros. in VR Anytime Soon

While Nintendo is investigating virtual reality technology, it is focusing on its forthcoming NX console until VR becomes more mainstream.

Taschen Books Joins The UAE Market

If you're looking to making an investment in art, do consider taking a look at Taschen's art books.

What Entrepreneurs Must Know Before Entering New Markets

Considering Cuba? Iran? Instead of feeling overwhelmed, check out these three pieces of advice to get you started.

9 Lessons Explorers Can Teach You From Their Impossible Expeditions

Draw inspiration from stuntmen, aviators, mountain climbers and other opportunists who conquered against the odds.

Adam Toren