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How the iOS 14 Privacy Change Impacts Small Businesses

With Apple taking a stance on privacy, small businesses may be taking the brunt of the change.

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Mark Zuckerberg Fires Back at Facebook Whistleblower's Claims: 'Deeply Illogical'

The Facebook CEO says a former employee's allegations about the company's disregard for the safety of users is unfounded.


Facebook მორიგ სკანდალში გაეხვია

მსოფლიოს უმსხვილესი სოციალური ქსელის ყოფილი თანამშრომელი Facebook-ს ხუთ ძირითად ბრალდებას უყენებს

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Facebook Asks Judge to Dismiss FTC Antitrust Charges for a Second Time

The Federal Trade Commission seeks to force the social networking company to sell both Instagram and WhatsApp.


Facebook pide al juez que desestime los cargos antimonopolio de la FTC por segunda vez

La Comisión Federal de Comercio busca obligar a la empresa de redes sociales a vender tanto Instagram como WhatsApp.


La denunciante de Facebook se revela a sí misma

El exgerente de producto de Facebook es responsable de la serie Journal que detalla la investigación de la compañía sobre los efectos de sus plataformas de redes sociales en las niñas.

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Facebook Whistleblower Reveals Herself

The former Facebook product manager is responsible for the Journal series that detailed the company's research on the effects of its social media platforms on young girls.

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Facebook Pauses Plans for Instagram for Children

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, said in a blog post on Monday that the company still believes building the version for children "is the right thing to do" but it is "pausing the work" to consult with parents, experts, and policymakers.


This Entrepreneur Is Setting Trends In the Realm Of Data Industry

Many know him as Hunter Johnson, but his competitors know him as 'the dark prince of the internet'

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More Than 30 Companies, Including Amazon, Facebook and Pfizer Vow to Create Economic Opportunities for Afghan Refugees

The 34 companies have joined the Tent Coalition for Afghan Refugees, which aims to integrate Afghan refugees into the United States.


Facebook 100 მლნ დოლარის ღირებულების გადაუხდელ ინვოისებს ყიდულობს

დავალიანება 30 000 მცირე ბიზნესს ერიცხება რომელიც ქალებსა და უმცირესობებს ეკუთვნით