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A Week of Announcements: Meta's Latest for WhatsApp, Facebook, and Threads

Taking extra care when it comes to being the one having first mover advantage, Meta made a few announcements for its users this week pertaining to its sub-brands- Facebook, WhatsApp, and Threads


Meta, la empresa de Mark Zuckerberg, despidió a 21,000 empleados, pero informes indican que está recontratando a muchos de ellos. Esta es la razón.

Según un informe reciente las contrataciones de la empresa han "aumentado discretamente en algunas áreas".

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Mark Zuckerberg's Meta Laid Off 21,000 Employees. Now It's Reportedly Rehiring Many of Them Who Belong to This Group — Here's Why.

The company's hiring has "quietly picked up in certain areas," according to a recent report.


Forget Paying for Ads on Google and Facebook. Use These 6 Marketing Tactics Instead.

Too many businesses play it safe with the same old paid marketing strategies during this economically uncertain post-pandemic period. Break the tired routine with these six strategies.

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'Life of a Girl Dad:' Mark Zuckerberg Rocks Face Gems and Beaded Bracelets at Taylor Swift Concert

The Facebook founder attended the economy-boosting "Eras" tour with his daughters.

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If You Don't Start Using Threads You Will Fall Behind — Here's Why the New Tech is a Game Changer For Entrepreneurs

Meta Threads is a revolutionary concept that is transforming the entrepreneurial landscape. This article delves into the intricacies of this game-changing innovation, shedding light on its potential to redefine entrepreneurship.


Los sitios de contenido reportan una caída de tráfico debido a un reciente cambio en el algoritmo de Facebook

Si tienes un sitio de noticias y has notado que te llega menos tráfico proveniente de la red social, aquí hay una posible explicación a lo que está sucediendo.

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Facebook Will Be Asked To Shut Down In India, Karnataka HC Warns

The decision came in response to Facebook's alleged lack of cooperation with the state police regarding an ongoing investigation pertaining to the case of an imprisoned Indian citizen in Saudi Arabia

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Meta Sells Giphy to Shutterstock for $53 Million, Taking a Massive Loss

Meta acquired Giphy for $315 million in 2020.

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Meta Slammed With $1.3 Billion Fine For Violating EU Privacy Policy

The company intends to appeal the ruling, including the "unjustified and unnecessary fine."

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RIP Metaverse

The Metaverse, Zuckerberg's tech obsession, is officially dead. ChatGPT killed it.

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FTC Says Facebook Violated 2020 Privacy Order, Proposes More Protections for Teens and Children

This is the third instance wherein the FTC says Facebook allegedly failed to protect user privacy.


Facebook ayudará a los usuarios a crear historias utilizando la inteligencia artificial

Se han filtrado reportes que indican una nueva función de Facebook que ayudará a los usuarios a generar contenido utilizando la inteligencia artificial.