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AI Is Flooding Social Media. Here's How to Make Sure You Don't Get Lost in the Robotic Noise.

Content overload from AI is the new normal. Marketing guru Mari Smithen shares strategies for navigating the AI revolution and getting your messaging across.


A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make Money With Facebook Ads, According to Experts

Creating the right message is a crucial first step to making money with Facebook ads, but it doesn't end there. This guide will help you create ads that actually convert.


Un periódico sin fines de lucro publicó una columna criticando a Facebook; después Meta bloqueó todas sus publicaciones

El jefe de comunicaciones de Facebook dijo que las publicaciones se eliminaron debido a "un problema de seguridad equivocado".

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A Non-Profit Newspaper Published a Column Criticizing Facebook. Then Meta Blocked All of Its Posts.

Facebook's communications chief said that the posts were removed because of "a mistaken security issue."

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Mark Zuckerberg Told Meta Engineers to 'Figure Out' Snapchat's Privacy Protections: 'We Have No Analytics on Them'

Recently unsealed court documents detail "Project Ghostbusters," Meta's project to work around Snapchat's end-to-end encryption to intercept data.


Mark Zuckerberg se disculpa con las familias perjudicadas por las redes sociales tras ser cuestionado durante una audiencia en el Congreso

El CEO de Meta expresó su arrepentimiento a las familias afectadas por las redes sociales durante una audiencia celebrada el día de ayer en el Senado de los Estados Unidos.

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AI-Powered Digital Marketing Raises Concerns Over User Privacy and Job Loss. But Mari Smith Says It's Not All Doom and Gloom.

Renowned social media thought leader Mari Smith, dubbed the "Facebook Queen," discusses the fascinating and frightening controversies surrounding the utilization of AI in marketing.

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Ex-Facebook Exec Admits to Stealing $4 Million from the Company to Fund Her Lavish Lifestyle

Barbara Furlow-Smiles used Meta money for personal expenses, including a $18,000 preschool tuition.

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She Lost Her Job as a Disinformation Scholar at Harvard — and Claims Facebook May Have Had Something to Do With It

Dr. Joan Donovan alleges Harvard stopped her research after receiving donations from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. Harvard denies the claim.


Ahora podrás comprar en Amazon sin salir de Facebook o Instagram

Meta y Amazon anunciaron la unión, la cual puede marcar un nuevo comienzo en las ventas en línea.

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Mark Zuckerberg Speaks Out Following ACL Surgery, Injury During MMA Fight Practice

The Meta CEO injured himself while training in his backyard.


Meta paga hasta $5 millones de dólares para que celebridades hablen con usuarios en nuevo chatbot

La empresa dueña de Facebook pretende competir con este producto con el famoso ChatGPT.

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This Ex-Facebook Designer Co-Founded an Accelerator for Indigenous People. Here's What She Wishes They Knew About Pursuing a Career in Tech.

Danielle Forward, CEO and co-founder of Natives Rising, realized early on that tech could change the lives of Indigenous people in the U.S.