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Meta Begins Latest Round of Layoffs Amid 'Year of Efficiency'

In March, the Facebook parent gave employees a timeline of what to expect over the next few months.

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Facebook May Owe You Money. Here's How to Find Out and Join the Class Action Lawsuit

If you've used Facebook in the last 16 years, you might be owed some compensation — and not just for your time.

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Meet 'SAM,' Meta's New A.I. Segment Anything Model That Can Pinpoint Any Item In Your Photos

The new artificial intelligence model has the ability to identify various objects in images and videos.


Mark Zuckerberg Has Promised More Transparency Amid Meta Layoffs — 5 Reasons That's a Smart Strategy

For decades, transparency hasn't been particularly popular among business leaders who manage teams. The times are changing though, and transparency is now gaining traction.

Social Media

Meta Makes Verification Available For US Facebook and Instagram Users

United States users of Facebook and Instagram will be able to pay a monthly fee to get a blue check verifying their accounts.

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'Make Lists' of People to Let Go, Meta Tells Directors Ahead of Another Mass Layoff — Here's When It Will Happen

The clock's ticking as CEO Mark Zuckerberg eyes paternity leave for his third child.

Social Media

Will ChatGPT Become Another Race to the Bottom in Marketing?

ChatGPT may be entering into a lasting category of functionality that marks its creation as a watershed moment.

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Soon You'll Be Able to Pay to Be Verified on Facebook and Instagram — Here's How Much It Costs

The blue badge is more within reach than ever before.


Empleados de Meta reportan que "se sientan a no hacer nada"

Los informes indican que hasta ahora el "año de eficiencia" de Mark Zuckerberg solo ha logrado desmoralizar a los a empleados.

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Misery at Meta As Employees Reportedly 'Sit Around Doing Nothing'

So far Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg's "year of efficiency" has led to demoralized staffers, according to reports.

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Meta to Tell Many Managers to Start Coding or Get Out — Here's What Else the 'Flattening' Will Bring

People familiar with the matter said the change will be announced in the coming weeks.

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Meta Shares Outperform Wall Street Expectations as Zuckerberg Pledges 'Year of Efficiency'

Shares surged nearly 20% in after-hours trading on Wednesday.

Growing a Business

How Facebook's Demise Will Change Digital Advertising — and How Your Brand Can Adapt

Brands need to be nimble and adaptable in the post-Facebook world.

Science & Technology

5 Business Predictions for 2023 Following the Downward Spiral in Tech

The most prominent tech titans announced tens of thousands of layoffs this year. With markets down over 30%, what's next in 2023, and how do we prepare for the recession?


Estas fueron las apps más descargadas en el mundo durante el 2022

Con 656 millones de descargas, TikTok es la aplicación que se ha bajado más veces durante este año.