How Hong Kong Stands Out as a Top Fintech Hub

Hong Kong can ascend to being a fintech hub worldwide in light of its diversity, resilience and dynamics in the financial sector.

Eric Chin

This fintech wants to help companies make their expense reporting processes transparent

It is an innovative platform that optimizes and reimagines corporate spending, through a technological ecosystem that combines an advanced financial management tool and a smart Visa corporate credit card.

Mexican Flink receives $ 57 million from The Chainsmokers and other investors

The fintech startup managed to close a new round of investment in series B.

5 steps to generate profits with investments in cryptocurrencies: VIDEO

Cryptocurrencies are not the future of investments, they are the present. But before entering, ask yourself the following questions.

Eduardo Abarca

Crazy mariachi wants to dance! Clip breaks Guinness Record for longest card payment

The Mexican fintech carried out 300 consecutive transactions, without interruptions, in record time, thus managing to win the title.

The Argentine fintech Ualá receives an investment of 350 million dollars

The South American unicorn raised capital in a series D round led by SoftBank and Tencent.

Attention! Kavak will hire 500 engineers to develop technology

Fernando Scasserra, former director of engineering at Mercado Libre, joins the company to lead this team of programmers.

March Violante

This fintech raises 5MDD from unicorn founders and angel investors

Clara, financier for the management of expenses within companies, announced today that it has closed an extension of its most recent Series A investment round.

Will fintechs dominate the Mexican banking market?

There are still challenges that fintech companies must face, but let's look at the data and an expert opinion.

Papantla flyers sue Arath de la Torre and fintech Moneyman

The complaint asserts that the television host and the Spanish company "denigrate and discriminate against the flyers."