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U.S. Airlines Group Expects Busiest Spring Season in Seven Years

Experts are estimating that the number of passengers traveling in March and April will be up by about 2 percent.


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Look Ma, No Hands: Drones You Can Pilot With Your Mind

A Portuguese aeronautics company is testing out the technology right now.

Nina Zipkin

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NoFlyZone Wants to Help Keep Drones From Flying Over Your Home

With the president, the FAA and state legislatures weighing in on commercial drone use, NoFlyZone CEO Ben Marcus wants to open up the conversation and give individuals the power to put the unmanned vehicles on a path that doesn't include their private property.

Nina Zipkin

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Despite Big Fuel Savings, Airlines Don't Expect Lower Fares

Carriers in the U.S. said they will save millions of dollars in fuel costs, but won't be passing that savings along to passengers.


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This Guy's Flight Is One He Won't Soon Forget

Pay extra for first class? Pffft. How about an entire plane to yourself instead.

Jason Fell

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You'll Probably Be Taking More Business Trips This Year

Spending on corporate travel is expected to rise in 2015.

Benjamin Snyder

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10 Things Entrepreneurs and Military Pilots Have in Common

A startup founder shares the lessons he learned while serving as a helicopter pilot.

Ron Yekutiel

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JetBlue to Charge for Checked Bags in New Fare Class

The changes come amid pressure from analysts for not adding fees in step with other carriers.


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This Crazy Contraption Straps Your Head to an Airline Seat for Better Sleep

Want better sleep when traveling? A Finnish startup wants you to try strapping your head to your headrest.

Geoff Weiss

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The Drone Industry Hates the Word 'Drone.' So, What's a Better Option?

A drone by any other name would still be a vehicle that can fly around without a pilot.

Catherine Clifford

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8 Ways for the Entrepreneurial Road Warrior to Travel Smarter

Does business take you away from home often? Navigate the tumult of constant life in transit in comfort.

Jeff Shore

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Sleep Better When Traveling

Road warriors can avoid fatigue and jet lag with these tips. Rest affects how you look, feel and perform, making it a sound investment.

Firas Kittaneh

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