I Tried the Semi-Private Air Carrier That Lets You Arrive 20 Minutes Before Your Flight. Here's What It Was Like — And How to Do It Affordably.

"There's a reason people pay 10 to 100 times more to fly privately than to fly commercially. You just want to save time, right? It's not about Champagne and caviar."

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Airlines Know Their Boarding Process Is Excruciatingly Inefficient. Here's Why They Won't Change It.

One of the most frustrating parts of air travel isn't likely to get better anytime soon.


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A United Airlines Passenger Was Overjoyed to be Upgraded to First Class — Then He Was Threatened to Be Put on a No-Fly List.

A traveler's journey went from serendipitous to unsettling when he requested a manicotti for the second leg of his trip, which was in economy seating.


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'Close Calls' With Airplane Safety Are 'On the Rise,' National Transportation Safety Board Chair Says

There have been several high-profile incidents of late where planes have come in close range of each other.

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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Went Missing 9-Years-Ago With No Answers. Now Netflix Is Taking on the Mystery in 'The Plane That Disappeared'

Despite various search efforts and investigations, there are few leads to explain what really happened.

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'This Is Just Pathetic': JFK Shuts Down Major International Terminal Following Power Outage Caused By Electrical Fire

The closure forced a plane leaving Auckland, New Zealand headed toward JFK to divert back to its original destination after a brutal 16 hours already airborne.


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'Apparently Our Plane Bumped Into Another One:' JetBlue Flight Crashes Into Parked Aircraft Before Takeoff

The fight was en route to San Juan, Puerto Rico before the collision.


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