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At 22 Years Old, He Made a 'Beautifully Stupid' Bet on Himself. Now This Founder Runs a $100 Million Online Business.

Charles Gillespie, founder and CEO of Group, says entrepreneurs need to embrace risk and bet big on themselves.

Money & Finance

This Former Statistics Professor Has Made Over $1 Million 'Investing' in Sports. These Are the 2 Tactics He's Using to Bet on the Super Bowl.

"To me, this is like Christmas," David Beaudoin says of the national sporting event. "This is the most lucrative day of the year."

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It's Getting More Expensive to Gamble in Las Vegas, And the Odds of Winning Are Lower

Some casinos have made changes that favor the house, such as imposing higher minimum bets for blackjack, a broader initiative by some companies to bring in "higher value customers."

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'Every Billionaire Wants a Casino.' Jay-Z Is Trying to Open a Caesars Palace in the Heart of Times Square.

The rap mogul has partnered with Ceasars Entertainment to bid for New York City's only gaming license.

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An NFL Rookie Scores a $514,000 Jackpot in Las Vegas

Los Angeles Rams running back Ronnie Rivers sat down to play 3-card poker and left a half million dollars richer.

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Experts Predict Record-Setting $1.1 Billion in Super Bowl Sunday Bets

Big bucks will be on the line for the Big Game.

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Streamer Accidentally Captures Moment Couple Wins $10,000 in Casino

One popular Twitch streamer was making his way through a Las Vegas casino when he caught a serendipitous moment on camera.

Science & Technology

How to Get in on the Online Gambling Craze

Is it time to make a safe bet on the 160 million people who use the world wide web as their casino?

Science & Technology

How AI Can Prevent Problematic Gambling in the Mobile Betting World

As mobile sports betting and iGaming become more popular, the companies behind them are finding new ways to increase player safety.

News and Trends

Government Issues Advisory For Advertisements On Online Gambling And Betting Platforms

The information and broadcasting ministry said advertisements on online betting are misleading and pose socioeconomic risk for consumers

Starting a Business

How One Industry Made Me a Millionaire

This industry helped me earn more than $50 million before turning 30.

Making a Change

How This Entrepreneur's Deep Desire to Succeed Helped Him Overcome Addiction

With three key steps, he uncovered the root of his issues and started to live a new life without the toxic habits.

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3 Gambling Stocks to Buy Now That Coronavirus Cases Are Declining

Because COVID-19 cases are down in the U.S., investors have more reason to feel optimistic about a casino and gambling sector resurgence.


How E-sports Is Different From Fantasy Gaming And Real Money Gaming

The distinction between e-sports and real-money gaming and why it's important to tell them apart

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Private Tables To Big Prizes: Here's How Online Card Game Platforms Have Played Their Diwali Cards

Almost every online card game platform is expecting a surge in user base given limited house parties amid the pandemic