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Birlasoft Collaborates With Microsoft To Establish Generative AI Centre Of Excellence

The Centre of Excellence will serve as a research, training, and collaboration hub, empowering organizations to tailor solutions to complex business challenges

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Generative AI Platform Vodex Raises $320,000 In Pre-Seed Funding

The platform intends to utilize the capital for product development and business expansion

Science & Technology

I'm Approaching Generative AI With a Growth Mindset — Here's What That Means and Why You Should, Too.

As tools like ChatGPT begin to revolutionize how we learn and work, keeping an open mind — and an awareness of advancements and drawbacks — can help us all make the most of the possibilities.

Growing a Business

Is AI Killing Our Work Ethic and Purpose? A Balanced Perspective on Harnessing the Full Potential of Generative AI

Despite its popularity, human expertise and judgment remain essential in leveraging the complete potential of generative AI.

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Goldman Sachs Says AI Could Replace The Equivalent of 300 Million Jobs — Will Your Job Be One of Them? Here's How to Prepare.

The galloping evolution of AI technologies has captured media attention over the past several months. But what are its potential ramifications? Is there a real risk that AI will replace humans at their job in the near future? And if so, how can we, as entrepreneurs, get prepared?

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Why Selling a Business Is the Next Use Case for AI

Let's see a few reasons why AI can be the next "killer app" for selling online businesses.

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A 'Fake Drake' Song Using Generative AI Was Just Pulled From Streaming Services

The computer-generated track "heart on my sleeve" went viral over the weekend until Universal Publishing yanked it, raising legal and ethical questions.

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How ChatGPT and Generative AI Can Transform the Way You Run Your Business

Let's take a high-level overview of how generative AI might transform your fledgling business. The benefits of this technology innovation remain crucial for any entrepreneur to grasp.

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I Reviewed Five AI Platforms; 3 Hits, 1 Try While This Is a Pass

By now you must have expanded your horizons to realise that AI is not synonymous with ChatGPT. You have hundreds of different AI tools and platforms sprouting on a regular basis, and I am here to review them for you.