I Reviewed Five AI Platforms; 3 Hits, 1 Try While This Is a Pass

By now you must have expanded your horizons to realise that AI is not synonymous with ChatGPT. You have hundreds of different AI tools and platforms sprouting on a regular basis, and I am here to review them for you.

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As we are about to experience GPT-4 in a span of a few days or weeks, one thing is clear, the world is embracing AI like never before, courtesy to the launch of the ground-breaking ChatGPT back in December 2022.

By now you must have expanded your horizons to realise that AI is not synonymous with ChatGPT. You have hundreds of different AI tools and platforms sprouting on a regular basis, and I am here to review them for you.

I present to you a short yet fun list of five AI platforms so you can decide which to give a try and which to pass-

1. Brain.fm

Brain.fm helps you focus, relax, meditate, or sleep better by incorporating music in the background. Now, I'm not a fan who listens to instrumentals for relaxing or focusing, but I do love instrumental music in general. So why not?

Users can choose the Mental State they'll want the music for, and then one can choose the duration ranging from 15 minutes to 120 minutes. Whereas, for sleep, you can choose from a minimum duration of 6 hours to a maximum of 12 hours.

I choose Deep Work under Focus for 30 mins. It gave me one track titled "Byrd Mass a 5". Needless to say, I'm not cut out for this. But, if you have trouble concentrating or relaxing, you can give it a chance.

Verdict: Hit

2. Creaitor.ai

Simply put, it's supposed to ease your marketing efforts. Creaitor.ai offers users to choose from a blog, digital ad, ecommerce, social media, video and writer to create content. Their sub-category options under each are impressive.

I chose Writer and, under it, the Song Lyrics option. I gave a brief about what the song should be about, "The song is about a boy who falls in love with a girl in college."

What was churned out was really good for an AI. One can opt for multiple output options for the result, choosing between one and six. I chose three, and I'll spare you the entire song.

Just sharing the Chorus of the third result (it's too cute not to share)

She's the one that he'd been dreaming, the girl of his desire

She's the one that he'd been searching for, his heart's one and only fire

He's finally found the one who captures his heart

He knows she's the one who'll stay for the never-ending part

Verdict: Hit

3. Perplexity.ai

I came across Perplexity.ai back in January but never got around to using it. It works like an amalgamation of ChatGPT and Google as it gives you concise answers along with source citations.

I ended up asking "In terms of the Driver's Championship, who is better? Verstappen or Hamilton?"

"Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are both highly skilled drivers, and it is difficult to say definitively who is better in terms of driver's championship. Hamilton has won seven championships, while Verstappen has won two[1][2]. Verstappen has a slightly higher win rate than Hamilton, but there are more races on the F1 calendar these days [1] [2]. In the 2021 season, both drivers performed exceptionally well[3] . Ultimately, it may come down to personal opinion as to which driver is better," was the concise response.

While the elaborated version (on clicking View Detailed), you'll find precise reasons for your answers backed with statistics. If I need to look something up in a concise format, Perplexity.ai is my tool.

Verdict: Hit

4. Hotspot.ai

Last but not least, we have Hotspot.ai for writing, pictures and graphic generation. The platform offers you AI Writing, AI Gaming Tools and AI Graphics to choose from. Barring a few, all options are available to you without signing up. I chose AI Art Generator, and my prompt was- Tom Cruise as a pirate in space.

Turns out, it was a decent result. And you can try multiple times as one gets a daily free limit of 15.

Verdict: Try

5. Starry.ai

Truth to be told? I gave it a shot only because I was reminded of The Starry Night. Anyways, the AI platform helps in generating artwork from simple textual prompts. Users need to choose the type of AI for art generation between Lyra (general purpose AI with specialised style), Argo (greater control over your results with longer prompts) and Argo 2 (superior photorealistic image generation compared to Argo 1).

Users(upon signing up) are provided with four credits to create art. I chose Lyra with a Fantasy style, and my prompt was "A clever thief, sneaking through the bazaar in the early evening." It's a cool-yet-basic AI tool that works for trying out new stuff. The tool gives you variation options between 4 and 8.

Oh, and a pro tip: Do not give facial-specific prompts. Opt for a larger picture with very to no detailing on the human face. It seems like their AI generator has an issue and believes that people always have menacing smiles, just like in the film Truth or Dare.

Verdict: Pass

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