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6 Ways I've Achieved a Healthy Work-Life Balance as a Business Owner

Don't neglect your health and well-being when you are an entrepreneur.


Don't Leave Money on the Table — How to Find Out If You're Underpricing Your Products (and What to Do About It)

Studies show most incorrectly priced products are priced too low. Learn to bridge the gap between actual and perceived value, identify maximum customer willingness-to-pay and adopt metric-based pricing for increased profitability.

Growth Strategies

Science-Backed Beauty: How Hydrolyzed Collagen is Transforming the Wellness Industry

A Legacy of Diversification: Tezman Holding and the Rise of Collasel in Hydrolyzed Collagen


Are You Fully Maximizing AI to Boost Your Productivity and Profits? Implement These 4 Steps in Your AI-Driven Marketing Strategy

Uncover the seldom-spoken truths about AI's role in hyper-accelerating business growth and innovation.

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5 Tips for Building a Strong Customer-Centric Culture and Fostering Brand Loyalty

Businesses must make customer service and satisfaction a top priority by fostering a customer-centric culture in order to build loyalty, engagement and overall success.


15 of the Best Time Management and Productivity Books of All Time

Reading a useful book is always a productive use of your time.

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Want To Be Successful And Fulfilled? Follow This Hierarchy to Success

Many entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom and then feel hollow — this hierarchy can help change that.

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12 Insights From A Decade Of Investing In Female Entrepreneurs

The data has shown what many of us have known and experienced for years- the journey for female entrepreneurs to get to the same point of success as their male counterparts is longer.

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Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur? These Values and Behaviors Are Your Guide

The worst thing that can happen is that you will fail — and then you will really be on the road to entrepreneurial success!


This Revenue Hack Can Increase Your Small Business Earnings by up to 30%

In today's dynamic and competitive business landscape, expanding revenue streams is a vital growth strategy. By diversifying income sources and offering innovative services, businesses can bolster profitability while enhancing their ability to adapt to market trends.

Starting a Business

These Four Words Can Change The Way You Approach Every Impossible Task

When a door closes, this is the question that opens a window.

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The Founder of Is Now in the Baby Business — and Her Best Success Tips Are Relevant to All Entrepreneurs

Super-founder Fran Maier has been building businesses for more than 25 years.

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Redefining Mobility: The Story of an Unconventional Journey in Automotive Innovation

Marcus Paleti, an entrepreneur with a track record of venture building stumbled upon the automotive world in 2016. While waiting for a friend in a private members club in London, Marcus found himself around engineers discussing plans for a hybrid electric vehicle, including the Late Tim Hearley, a former shareholder of Aston Martin and Jensen.

Growth Strategies

"We Got Funded!" UAE-Based GameCentric Raises US$1.5 Million In Angel Investment As It Looks To Triple Its Regional User Base

Launched in December 2023, GameCentric was created as a platform that can be used by gamers across age groups and skill levels.


7 Common But Ineffective Business Strategies You Need to Be Aware of

Because strategy centers on making choices, every business has a strategy. Here are seven common but ineffective strategies — and how to make better choices.