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Matt Higgins

· 4 min read

How a Historic Book of Textiles Inspired a Forward-Looking Garment Factory

Shivam Punjya founded an ethical factory in Gujarat, celebrating the craftsmanship of India.

Shivam Punjya

· 3 min read

3 Ways Small Businesses Can Quickly Embrace AI Without Big Data or Programmers

AI adoption for small businesses has been slow due to the lack of data and skills, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Roberto Liccardo

· 6 min read

Jeff Rose

· 2 min read

Avoid Being Underemployed With These 4 Tips

The allure of a new job can also possibly lead you down the underemployment path if you're not careful.

Entrepreneur NEXT

· 8 min read

8 Ways to Get Your Online Store Making Money Fast

While the opportunity to make money online is nearly infinite, sellers need to be careful in how they approach their marketing.

Ishan Goel

· 8 min read

Everything I Know About Naming I Learned From 'The Simpsons'

The iconic animated comedy can help differentiate between winning and losing approaches to branding.

Brad Flowers

· 6 min read

Struggling to Hire Top Talent? Change the Way You Recruit.

The global tech company Infosys wanted to diversify its hiring. But to get it right, it needed to rethink a lot more than just its recruiting methods.

Jason Feifer

· 4 min read

A New Service from GoDaddy Makes It Easier to Start Your Business Successfully from the Ground Up

With its Websites + Marketing offering, there's no need to let a lack of technical expertise hold you back from scaling your business.


· 3 min read

Top 4 Mistakes That Stop Your Startup From Scaling

To make sure you're ready to take the next step in your business, recognize these common pitfalls.

Jennifer Spencer

· 4 min read

Here's How You Can Charge $500,000 for Your Services

Learn the kinds of questions you need to ask for potential clients to raise their hands and say, "Yes! I'm in!"

Mike Koenigs

· 6 min read

8 Ways to Avoid an Amazon Account Suspension

Follow these tips to avoid having your Amazon selling account shut down during the holiday shopping season.

Harley Cannard

· 6 min read