Emprendimientos healthtech en Latinoamérica: Transformando el cuidado de la salud a través de la tecnología

Con la llegada del HealthTech Pitch 2023, se fortalece el ecosistema emprendedor de salud en Latinoamérica y se abre paso a una nueva generación de soluciones tecnológicas que contribuirán al bienestar de la población.

News and Trends

Healthtech Startup Genefitletics Raises Undisclosed Amount In Pre-Seed Funding

The company plans to deploy these funds to further develop a suite of oral microbiome and human genes expression tests as well as launch its own brand of precision biotics

Science & Technology

Here's How the Cloud is Revolutionizing Health Tech and FinTech

Cloud-based solutions are set to alter how these previously stagnant industries addressed their long-standing challenges at a fundamental level.

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Personalizing Healthcare With AI

Rama Narayana Vedula states that there is no end-to-end healthcare platform that provides ease-of-access to information and processes and facilitates conversations. And MicroGrid aims to fill the gap.


World Health Day 2023: A Deeper Dive Into Healthtech Ecosystem

Due to a growing population, rising income levels, and a demand for better healthcare services, the Indian healthcare sector is expanding quickly

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Tracxn's Healthtech India Report 2023: Funding Into the Segment Plummets 55% In 2022

Over 9,468 companies, 1,093 funded startups, 87 acquisitions, and 12 IPOs were taken into consideration while working on the report.

Growth Strategies

Saudi Arabia-Based Healthtech Startup Labayh Acquires UAE-Based Meditation App Nafas

The acquisition comes as part of Labayh's strategy to enhance the state of psychological well being in the Arab world, by creating unique mental health-focused experiences for its users.


Harsimarbir Singh: The Caregiver

The co-founder of Pristyn Care tells us how he, along with his co-founders, found a big problem in healthcare that nobody else was solving and went deep into it. He is on Entrepreneur India's Digital Cover for March 2023


La tecnología y la salud: ¿aliados o rivales?

Desde América Latina hasta Oceanía, la industria de la healthtech sigue impactando con los avances que se ponen a la orden de los pacientes, mientras que la inteligencia artificial está jugando un papel importante en el desarrollo tecnológico del sector.

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Healthcare Simplifiers

The start-up ensures that only trained phlebotomists- DMLT certified- pick the sample with standardized kits and processes. So far, the start-up has done over 5 lakh customer visits in Delhi-NCR, and serves over 350+ healthcare providers


¿Qué necesitan las startups de healthtech para triunfar en el 2023?

Tras casi tres años de crecimiento exponencial, la industria healthtech es una de las más demandadas en la actualidad. Sin embargo, más demanda significa más competencia.


La startup brasileña Genial Care recauda $10 millones de dólares para ayudar a padres y cuidadores de niños con autismo

La plataforma ofrece contenido de texto, audio y vídeo que ayuda a los niños con autismo a desarrollar todo su potencial.

Starting a Business

US-Based Startup Spike Enters The UAE To Offer Healthcare Providers Better Access To Data From Wearable Tech

Built as an application program interface that can access all major wearable and internet of things providers, Spike's platform helps medical providers gain access to an exhaustive user information database based on biomarkers.


Las industrias tech con mayor proyección para este 2023

En la región existen diversas problemáticas que nuevas empresas buscan solucionar a través del talento latino que destaca en la industria.

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MindPeers Raises $500,000 Seed Funding From Venture Catalysts

The company's app integrates mental fitness and biomarkers and leverages digital tools to promote mental well-being and for improving overall performance