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Why Prioritizing Soft Skills in Hiring is Crucial to The Modern Workplace

An organization of soft-skilled employees will run and communicate like a well-oiled machine. Managers can save themselves many future heartaches if they prioritize soft skills during the hiring process.

Thought Leaders

3 Signs That You Need a Virtual Assistant — And What Type to Hire

Taking on this type of help is an important step for any business owner, especially a solopreneur. These are the top signs that you're ready to hire.

Data & Recovery

Why Data Needs to Be at the Center of Your Organization

When data is at the heart of everything teams do, they will drive better decisions and business performance.

Resumes & Interviewing

Job Posting Sites: Top 9 Job Sites Reviewed (2023)

These sites can help you find job openings fast. We've found the best job posting sites for 2023.


Everything You Need to Know About Hiring and Retaining Gen Z Talent

Here's what you need to know about Gen Z's needs, values and desires — and a few tips on how to attract and retain Gen Z talent.

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Help Wanted: How to Optimize Your Hiring Strategy

A well-optimized hiring strategy can help streamline your recruiting process, saving you time and resources.

Data & Recovery

Here's How Data Analytics Is Improving Dining Experiences While Helping Increase Revenues for Restaurants

At a restaurant, key data points are generated each time an order is placed and payment is made. These data points help restaurants craft the perfect consumer response.

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How to Find Great Employees Using Free Hiring Services

Don't let your budget prevent you from recruiting quality candidates. These cost-effective strategies can amplify your hiring practices without breaking the bank.


Why Every Employee You Hire Should Be a Leader, No Matter How Experienced They Are

Leadership is the lifeblood of all businesses, at every level.


Here's the Simple, Winning Strategy You Need to Build a High-Performing Team

Want to form a solid team that will work hard to promote the business' success? Here's what you need to do.

Business News

A 4-Day Workweek Could Be a Reality in the U.S., Research Reveals — Here's What Might Move the Needle

Most U.S. managers already support a four-day workweek, according to data from Robert Half.


Recruiting on a Budget? Here Are 7 Ways You Can Beat the Big Companies to Top Talent

Talent can make or break a small business, which is why it's critical to do all you can to recruit the right people.


Who Is More Important — Your Customers or Your Employees?

Business owners will succeed when they create an environment where employees want to work, and customers want to transact.

Science & Technology

Why Software Talent Is Still in Demand Despite Tech Layoffs, Downturn and a Potential Recession

Despite the layoffs and fears of an economic recession, top tech talent is still in demand.

Growing a Business

ZipRecruiter vs. CareerBuilder: Which Is the Better Job Site for Hiring?

Job platforms are part of a comprehensive hiring strategy, but not all job sites are the same. We'll explore two of the most popular among employers and jobseekers to understand which is best for your business.