Victoria Maitland

Victoria Maitland

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
Head of People, North America at CI&T

Victoria Maitland is a passionate, collaborative, high-growth leader with over 20 years of experience envisioning, building and driving innovation within organizations and creating values-based cultures where people are purpose-driven, empowered and happy to contribute to making a better tomorrow.

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How To Create a Work Culture Where Everyone Has A Voice

Creating a space where everyone is heard is a core principle to implement in business and life.

If You Only Hire Like-Minded People, You Will Fail.

Think about the diversity in your team as your superpower.

How This Maya Angelou Quote Can Fuel Your Ethos at Work and Beyond

Show your team that you've got their back without any hidden agenda.

How to Lead With Your Values, Regardless of Industry

Your company's values are the foundation upon which everything else is built, so properly defining them is a critical first step.

Winning Includes Putting People First in Your Business. This is How You Do It.

Don't make the classic mistake of thinking that treating people like humans is bad for your bottom line.

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