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Zillow Launches 1% Down Payment Mortgage Program Amid Housing Affordability Crisis

The initiative comes amid a nearly 40-year low in housing affordability.

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These Are the 10 Most Expensive States to Be a Homeowner in the U.S., According to a New Report

Where do homeowners spend the most? The usual suspects like California, New York, and New Jersey ranked high on the list.

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The Average Homeowner Became 40 Times Wealthier Than Renters Over The Past 10 Years

A new report examined how homeownership can be a vehicle to build substantial wealth over time.

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In 20 U.S. Cities, Buying a Single Family Home Is Cheaper Than a Condo

While home prices decreased by 0.7% in February, condos went up by 2.5%.

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These Are the 10 Cheapest States to Buy a House in 2022, According to a New Report

Calculating home affordability can be tricky. However, this new report found the top 10 cheapest home buying states by using factors of average home prices, household income, and mortgage rates.

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New Reports Suggest Home Prices Could Begin Dropping Soon

Home prices have skyrocketed over the past year, but experts expect a slight decline starting in 2023.

Science & Technology

How to Save the Dying American Dream of Homeownership

What are the biggest problems facing the housing market today, and how can we fix them?

Real Estate

How to Buy a Home in America If You Live Abroad

The process involves several steps and multiple parties, but it can be done quickly and efficiently.

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Homebuilder Confidence Edges Up After Recent Plunge to 13-Month Low

Homebuilder confidence inched up in September after falling to its lowest reading in 13 months in August.

Growing a Business

This New Credit Card Can Help You Buy A Home. But Creating It Was Nearly Impossible.

Bilt is a loyalty program and credit card designed to help people towards home ownership. But to make it work, this entrepreneur had to fail repeatedly.

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Going Solar at Home

Switching to solar energy allows you to control and store your own power, and save on utilities.

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How Millennials Are Changing Today's Housing Market

They are making educated, research-driven decisions when it comes to homeownership.

Money & Finance

Lemonade Reinvents Renters and Homeowners Insurance With On-Demand Service, Social Responsibility

Pay a fixed rate for user-friendly and reliable insurance.