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Mortgage Interest Rates Fall to Lowest Level Since September, Mortgage Demand Rises

For the third week in a row, mortgage interest rates fell, triggering a 7% increase in mortgage applications.

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This Is the Most Expensive Rental Zip Code in the U.S. — And It's Not in New York or San Francisco

Rents soared across the country in 2022, but certain zip codes reached new heights, with the No. 1 having an average rent of $24,000 for a two-bedroom apartment.

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9 Places in the U.S. With Small Town Charm and Affordable Home Prices

Real estate experts found the top places where homebuyers can experience quaint living at a fair price.

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It's Time to Revolutionize the Housing Market With the 30-Minute Lease

The real estate landscape is ready to leverage technology to maximize its potential across the rental market.

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Starter Homes Are Out Of Reach For Most Buyers — Except in These 4 Cities

The idea of a starter home has become "the stuff of myths and legends."

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These Cities Have the Biggest Risk For a Housing Bubble in 2022

Across the globe, Toronto was the city with the highest risk of a housing bubble. But in the U.S., the city with the biggest risk wasn't New York.


7 Secrets Luxury Home Buyers Need to Know

What first-time home buyers need to look for when marketing their first home investment

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NYC Rent On a Minimum Wage Salary? That'll Be Over 100 Hours a Week

New study found that affordable housing across the nation is increasingly inaccessible, especially to those working minimum wage jobs.

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Home Builders Are Taking a New Approach To Excess Inventory: Targeting Investors

As the housing market cools, home builders are scrambling to find solutions to reduce excess inventory.

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Free On-Demand Webinar: How To Build A Billion-Dollar Business

How do you build a billion-dollar business? Watch this free on-demand webinar and learn from Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman →

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In the '80s, Mortgage Rates Were Almost Three Times As High — But It's Still Harder To Buy a Home Now

While the Fed has hiked up mortgage rates as a means to tame inflation, but it's nothing compared to 40 years ago.

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The Housing Market Is Cooling the Fastest in These 10 Cities

The housing market is shifting, and these cities are seeing prices drop the fastest.

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Homebuyers Are Backing Out of Purchases in This Area of the Country More Than Anywhere Else In The U.S.

Houses in this area saw some of the highest surges in home prices during the pandemic. Now, those same locations are seeing homebuyers back out in record numbers.