Hybrid Model

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff Is Right. New Employees Are Less Productive in a Hybrid Work Setting — But Why?

Salesforce permits a high degree of flexibility for employees: teams and their leaders can choose what kind of work arrangements suit their needs best. But does such flexibility threaten the development and integration of recently-hired junior staff?

Gleb Tsipursky

Why Elon Musk and Other Tech Leaders Are Right to Ban Remote Work

While Elon Musk is right to question the effectiveness of fully remote teams, his solution to return to the office full-time is misguided. Here's one remote CEO's take on why his concerns are right, but his solution is wrong — and how to make remote work functional.

Tom Medema

The New Normal: How In-Person Events Have Evolved In The Post-Pandemic World

In-person events are back and stronger than ever. Optimize the groundwork for a successful event by utilizing virtual options.

Tal Frankfurt

Is Your Hybrid Model Actually Working? Use These Success Metrics to Find Out.

How should a leader evaluate whether the model they adopted is optimal for their company's needs — or whether those needs require refinement?

12 Tactics To Help MENA SMEs Navigate Employee Engagement Challenges In A Digital-First World

The onus is now on the management to introduce work methods and policies that nurture emotional connections between employees and their workplaces, and motivate them to remain committed to the company for the long-term.

Veena Satish

You Should Let Your Team Decide Their Approach to Hybrid Work. A Behavioral Economist Explains Why and How You Should Do It.

From my experience helping 21 companies figure out their hybrid and remote work arrangements, the best practice is for the leadership to provide broad but flexible guidelines for the whole company. Here's why and the steps you need to take to do it.

Gleb Tsipursky

It Might Be the End of the Flexible Work Era, According to LinkedIn Data

The number of flexible work postings has fallen by five percentage points since April.

Amanda Breen

Questioning The Status Quo: Distilling Both Sides Of The Debate Between Office Work And Hybrid Work

Four founders of UAE-based startups share their stance on the Team Office versus Team Hybrid debate, and explain what has worked better for them.

Why You Should Rethink That Return-to-Office Mandate

Use these three strategies for bridging the gaps between employees and employers in the age of remote work.

Kelly Knight

5 Tips for Harnessing a Hybrid Model and Making It Work

Here are five ways you can transition your organization to a hybrid model that fuels collaboration, fosters camaraderie and drives results.

Mark Miller

The 5 Personalities You Meet in a Coworking Space

The way we work post-pandemic will never be the same, so it's time to get creative! Read about the types of people you'll find at a coworking space to see if it is the right fit for you.

Iman Bashir