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Report: Amazon Imposes a Harsh New Penalty for Workers Who Don't Return to the Office

New internal documents viewed by multiple outlets shed light on the strict new policy.

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'It's Soul-Crushing': Tearful Gen Z Rant About Commuting, In-Office Work Divides Internet

The video by @brielleybelly123 has been viewed more than eight million times.


This Workplace Policy Is Igniting Fiery Debates In The Boardroom — Here's Why.

The single biggest reason for boardroom brawls has been revealed.

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How to Better Accommodate Your Hybrid Workers — Here Are the Office Amenities They Really Want

Struggling to encourage your remote employees to return to the office? Discover the top tried-and-true amenities for hybrid workers.

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What is The Future of Coworking Spaces in a Hybrid World? Here's Everything You Need to Know.

The traditional office, once a symbol of corporate stability and structure, is rapidly becoming an anachronism in today's fluid work environment, and coworking spaces are replacing many of the traditional office space functions

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'Control, Surveillance and Manipulation': How TikTok's Office Surveillance Could Backfire and Cost The Company Billions

Recently, TikTok made headlines for the wrong reasons — introducing a badge monitoring app called MyRTO, aimed at enforcing its office attendance policy as part of a top-down return-to-office mandate. While many companies are recalibrating post-pandemic work expectations, TikTok's approach not only raises serious ethical issues but also amplifies broader concerns about its surveillance culture.

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The Future Is Not Just Flexible — It's United. How American Flexibility is Redefining Business Practices Worldwide.

Recent surveys provide a tapestry of insights into how American businesses are a guiding star for global companies seeking to be future-ready.


3 Mistakes You May Not Realize You're Making When Bringing Employees Back to the Office

A company is only as successful as its employees are happy — and upheavals like a return to office risk adding to employee dissatisfaction. You can ease that transition by getting back to basics. Here's how.


Do Not Normalize The Monday Blues. It's a Productivity Killer That Can Be Avoided (If You Know How).

The Monday blues are more than just a poetic metaphor; they're a productivity killer that haunts the modern workforce.

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Back In The Office? Why Your Company's One-Size-Fits-All Approach Is Destined to Fail.

As a result of being dragged kicking and screaming into allowing at least some work from home, the leadership of many companies fails to optimize their approach to hybrid work, undermining its potential for a major boost to productivity, retention and cutting costs.

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Returning to The Office Without a Strategy Is The Biggest Mistake You Can Make. Follow These 4 Steps for a Perfect Transition.

To minimize conflict in the return to office process, it's critical to embrace a thorough, transparent and evidence-driven process. By following the four-pillar approach outlined in this article, you will lay the groundwork for a successful transition that benefits both your employees and your organization.

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Our Brains Will Never Be The Same Again After Remote Work. Forcing Your Employees To Readapt to The Office Is Not The Answer.

The shift to remote work during the pandemic has not only changed our daily routines but also had profound effects on our brains and made us more susceptible to distractions when we return to the traditional office environment.

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The Company That Took Remote Work By Storm Is Telling Employees to Return to the Office

Zoom announced that workers living within 50 miles of a company office must go in at least two days a week.