Independent Contractors

Employee Experience & Recruiting

Beyond the Great Resignation — How to Attract Freelancers and Independent Talent Back to Traditional Work

Discussing the recent workplace exit of employees in search of more meaningful work and ways companies can attract that talent back.

Employee Experience & Recruiting

The Benefits of Hiring International Contractors

Utilizing international contractors' skills can help promote innovation, productivity, and competitiveness worldwide.

Growing a Business

A Three-Fold Increase in Tech Contract Jobs Signals a Shift to Independent Contractors

Efficiently managing compliance, billing, and payments to independent contractors provides a competitive advantage and ensures significant cost savings for businesses of all sizes.


The Rise of Self-Employed in the Global Workforce and What Business Owners Need to Know

Exploring the pros and cons of hiring self-employed and freelancers across borders, the legal considerations, the correct classification of employees and independent contractors, and more.


Business Owners Beware — Is Your Contractor Really an Employee? Here's Why a Misclassification Can Be Costly.

Here's why it's important for business leaders to fully understand the difference between a contractor and an employee.

Employee Experience & Recruiting

5 Crucial Practices for Managing Nearshore Teams

Follow these five best practices for managing nearshore teams, including tips for communication, building trust and fostering collaboration.

Business News

Report Reveals Controversy Surrounding Video Doorbells — and Why Delivery Drivers Don't Like Them

Homeowners exhibiting "boss behaviors" are complicating the issue of surveillance.

Money & Finance

Small Businesses and Independent Contractors Can (and Should) Financially Prepare Themselves for the Future

Even if you work for yourself, you can still make sure someone is looking out for you.

Science & Technology

4 Tips for Not Getting Scammed When Outsourcing Software Development

If you're in need of a contractor to provide this vital service, know the warning signs of a sketchy company.

Thought Leaders

Why Freelancers are the Key to Achieving Talent Scalability On Demand

Talent woes? Freelancers might be the solution.

Employee Experience & Recruiting

How to Manage Freelancers and Independent Contractors

With proper direction, you will get valuable workers who can make all the difference for your organization.

Business News

How Uber and Lyft Get Drivers on the Road on Busy Nights Like New Year's

Because they can't assign shifts to workers, ride-hailing companies use a variety of incentives to lure out their contract workers.

Business News

European Gig Workers May Soon Be Classified as Employees

Employee status would grant benefits and protections to millions of gig economy workers.


3 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Flexible Talent

To survive and stay competitive in today's business landscape, small businesses need to be agile. Hiring flexible, talent can be the answer.

Thought Leaders

This Is Why It's Critical to Avoid Employee Misclassifications

Oversights stemming from gray areas can lead to major legal repercussions.