Kevin O'Leary Says This Is the 'Safest Place on Earth' to Keep Your Money After FTX Crypto Crash

The 'Shark Tank' star was a spokesperson and investor in the now-bankrupt FTX crypto exchange.

Sam Silverman

Getting In On The Act: A New Generation Of Investors Is Here

Gen-Z and millennials are digital natives, caring about climate change, advocating for fair practices, and seeking impact investments that align with their values, and offer more than a short-term financial return.

Job-Tech Platform Raises Undisclosed Amount In Pre-seed Round From Super Angel Investors

Job-Tech platform has raised an undisclosed amount in a pre-seed round from a clutch of super angel investors.

Shark Tank-Fame World's Fastest Cooking Device On2Cook Secures Seed Funding Worth INR 17cr

Inventor and Entrepreneur Sanandan Sudhir, who was seen on Shark Tank India Season 1 with the world's fastest cooking device, has declared that his startup On2Cook India Pvt Ltd has secured seed funding of INR 17 crore. On2Cook will be making an appearance at MENA's largest hospitality and Food Service event GulfHost 2022 at World Trade Centre in Dubai.

Kavya Pillai

5 Effective Ways to Identify the Rare, Untapped Niche Market

Go down the road less traveled and invest in niche markets with little venture capital attention. Here's what to look for.

Jeremy Krell

Investors Are Overlooking the Gig Economy. Here's How to Unlock Its Untapped Value.

Many investors are missing out on opportunities to collateralize lucrative freelancer assets. Here are some creative solutions to help them unlock this often-overlooked asset class.

Andre Lee

Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid to Brag When Pitching Investors

I've sat through countless pitch decks over the years, and too many founders focus on their idea rather than their execution. Humility isn't going to get you funded, so here's how to advertise your accomplishments to investors the right way.

Donna Griffit

How the Stock Market Downturn is an Opportunity for Substantial Gains

Years from now, I believe history will show that late 2022 was one of the best times to start buying stocks. Here's why.

Ron Bauer

9 Ways a Venture Capitalist Can (and Should) Help Startup Founders After Closing the Deal

Here are nine ways an early-stage venture capitalist should help a startup after closing the deal and these are exactly what differentiates a great investor from a mediocre one.

Cloudflare Announces $1.25 Billion Workers Launchpad Funding Program To Help Startups

Any private company that is building globally on Cloudflare Workers is eligible to apply for the program

Teena Jose

3 Types of "No" Every Entrepreneur Should Learn (and How to Thrive From Rejection)

Rejection is a painful part of entrepreneurship, but learning to identify different types of "nos" can teach you how to thrive from it.

Jani Ahonala

Shraddha Kapoor: The Celeb Investor

How Shraddha Kapoor is stocking up on startups