Why Seeking Out Investors Could Sabotage Your Business

Bootstrapping forces you to cut the fluff from day one.

4 Things You Need to Do to Secure Backing If You're In a Flyover Area

This is how to get funding if you live outside California, New York, or Massachusetts.

Albert Santalo

Mortgage Rates Remain Relatively Flat as Economy Loses Momentum: Freddie Mac

According to the data released Thursday by the federally chartered mortgage investor, the rate on a 30-day fixed-rate mortgage averaged 2.88 percent for the week ending Sept. 9, up slightly from 2.87 percent last week.

The Epoch Times

From NFTs to Fine Wine, We're Entering a Golden Age for Modern Collectors

With a few clicks of a button, you can invest in vintage comic books, fine wine and blue-chip artwork. It hasn't always been that way. Here's how we got here and what the future might have in store.

Anthony Zhang

How to negotiate with investors?

The first meeting with investors is key, since the development or stagnation of a project will depend on it.


Why Millennials and Generation Z Love Impact Investing

If you were born after 1980? Greed, in and of itself, was never good.

How to Use Alternative Assets as a Hedge Against Inflation

An increasingly digital world offers more options than ever before.

Richard Li

Kevin O'Leary Explains Why Institutional Capital Must Have a Role in Sustainability

In an exclusive interview, the 'Shark Tank' investor lays out reasons for using sustainability as a metric and explains his investment in WonderFi.

Andrew Rossow

3 Reasons to Love the U.K. Residential Property Market

As an investor, I love the U.K. residential real-estate market. Here's why.

Samuel Leeds

Mark Cuban Says Dogecoin Is the 'Strongest' Cryptocurrency and Elon Musk Responds

The billionaire posted on his Twitter account that there will be a merchandise promotion from his basketball team for those who pay with "doge."

The Strong Case for Wine as an Alternative Investment

The non-traditional investment has yielded a 13.6% annualized return over the last 15 years.

Anthony Zhang