Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos Announces $123 Million in Grants to Fight Homelessness

The donation is part of the billionaire's Bezos Day 1 Families Fund initiative.

Amazon Customers Are Less Happy Than They Were a Decade Ago. What Happened?

The company has surpassed Walmart as the largest retailer outside China, but its active customer base is getting frustrated.

Amanda Breen

Jeff Bezos' Partner Lauren Sanchez Plans to Go to Space in 2023

The journalist and founder of Black Ops Aviation is no stranger to the pilot's seat.

Sam Silverman

I Analyzed All 48,000 Words of Jeff Bezos' Amazon Shareholder Letters. The Visionary Billionaire Does 8 Impressive Things That Prove He's a Master of Written Communication.

When Bezos took the company public in 1997, he began writing annual letters to shareholders, a habit that continued until he stepped aside as CEO in 2021.

Carmine Gallo

Jeff Bezos podría comprar a los Commanders de Washington

Jay-Z el popular rapero Jay-Z también podría convertirse en uno de los nuevos dueños.

Jeff Bezos and Jay-Z Might Buy an NFL Team Together

The joint venture wouldn't be the billionaire businessmen's first sports-related endeavor.

Amanda Breen

Así ha caído la fortuna de Jeff Bezos

El fundador de Amazon, Jeff Bezos, cuenta con una fortuna de $120,000 millones de dólares, sin embargo, esta cifra va a la baja constantemente.

Jeff Bezos Says 'Batten Down The Hatches' About a Possible Recession, but a Top Credit Agency Says It Will Be 'Mild'

Low unemployment and a healthier housing market make this possible upcoming recession different from 2008, the agency said.