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How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Building your confidence for an interview starts with feeling prepared. Ace your next interview with these simple preparation tips.

Best Job Search Engines for Recent College Graduates

Navigating the job market for the first time can be challenging, but job search engines can help you land a great job after of college.

Advance Your Career by Improving Communication Skills in the Workplace

Employers look for job candidates with exceptional communication. Invest in your career and increase your confidence by developing your communication skills.

Technical Skills Interviewers are Looking for in Job Candidates

Stand out in a competitive market with in-demand technical skills.

What's My Job, Again? The Fine Art of Crafting the Job Description

Don't settle for a mediocre job listing. Attract the ideal candidate by following this job listing advice.

Business Professional Attire for Interviews

Score major points at your next interview by dressing to impress.

Improve Your Interview Skills with This Coach

Huru helps you practice to nail all your job interviews.

What Early-Career Professionals Need to Know When Navigating the Post-Covid Job Market

Recovering jobs has been one of the top priorities throughout the pandemic. However, with employers struggling to fill positions, here's what should entry-level professionals know when looking for their first opportunity.

3 Ways to Optimize Your Resume for Job Search Sites

When it comes to making a resume, break through the clutter with these helpful tips.

How to Write a Follow-up Email After a Job Interview

Many job candidates fail to write follow-up emails after an interview. Learn how to craft a thank you email that can help you stand out from the competition.

Had Enough of Your Job? 5 Tips for Writing a Resignation Letter.

You can quit a job with your positive image intact. These tips for a professional resignation letter can help you leave your company gracefully.