McDonald's and Burger King Sued for Use of 'Forever Chemicals'

New report finds harmful chemicals in packaging from 24 popular food and grocery chains, prompting class-action suits against two of the biggest retailers on the list.

The Basics of Protecting Your Intellectual Property, Explained

Whether you're protecting your product or protecting your company from infringing on someone else's, you must factor precautions into any product strategy.

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Tesla Says California Intends to Sue the Company

Tesla says the lawsuit appears focused on activity at its Fremont, Calif. plant.

Parents of Amazon Worker Killed in Tornado are Suing the Company: 'Amazon Placed Profits First'

The suit alleges Amazon didn't exercise reasonable care to protect their son from death.

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Floyd Mayweather, Kim Kardashian and Paul Pierce Among Celebrities Being Sued Over Alleged Involvement in Cryptocurrency Scheme

The cryptocurrency company disputed the claims, saying the allegations are riddled with misinformation.

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Walmart Has Allegedly Been Dumping Hazardous Waste and Confidential Customer Information

California officials have filed a lawsuit against Walmart for its disposal practices, estimating that more than 1 million items of hazardous waste are being sent to landfills annually.

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U.S. TikTok Users May Be Eligible to Receive Funds From $92 Million Settlement

The suit alleges that the popular video-sharing app used personal data from users without their consent.

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Lawsuit Over Subway Tuna Now Alleges the Meat Contains Chicken, Pork and Cattle DNA

The plaintiffs seek unspecified damages for fraud and violations of California consumer-protection laws.

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Travis Scott Vows to Help Families of Dead Victims as Astroworld Catastrophe as Lawsuits Loom

Popular rapper Travis Scott has vowed to help the families of the victims who lost their lives at a recent festival he headlined in his home state of Texas over the weekend.

Kellogg's in $5 Million Lawsuit for Not Putting Enough Strawberries in Its Pop-Tarts

Lawsuit claims the product's branding is misleading. Breakfast enthusiasts wait in suspense.

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Lawsuit Alleges Chick-fil-A Has Secretly Been Hiking Up Prices

The lawsuit claims some food prices have been increased by as much as 30%.

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