Interest Rates Are Going to Drop This Year. Here Are 6 Ways Businesses Can Take Advantage When the Time Comes.

Opportunity is around the corner, so here's how you can make sure you're watching the right rates.

Starting a Business

7 Ways to Fund Your Startup in 2024

Remember that businesses like Grammarly, Spanx, TOMS shoes, YouTube, and Apple were once small businesses, too. So, while the journey may be challenging, it's worth working for!

Real Estate

Millennials and Gen Z Are Jumping on This Hot Real Estate Trend to Afford Homeownership

The hack is helping many first-time buyers enter the market.

Business News

Drivers Are Ditching Their Cars — 'Give Car Back' Searches Spike Amid Soaring Ownership Costs

Monthly payments for new cars have risen by 28% over the past three years, with new car prices averaging $46,229 in June.

Debt / Loans / Refinancing

Student Loan Payments Resume in October: Here's Everything You Need to Know

It's almost time to start paying back your student loan. Are you ready?

Business News

How to Use Your Own Debts to Fund Your Business

To borrow or not to borrow? That is the question. And it's a pretty difficult one to answer, too, especially if you need money but are averse to debt. However, contrary to popular belief, not all debts are bad.

News and Trends

Volt Money Raises $1.5 Million in Pre-Seed Funding Round

As per the company, the funding will be strategically used to recruit key personnel for product development and to establish beneficial partnerships

Growing a Business

How Entrepreneurs Can Position Their Businesses for Growth This Summer

Tips for taking your business to the next level by accessing the capital necessary for growth.

News and Trends

Reliance Likely To Raise $2 Billion Loan: Report

According to the report, the Mukesh Ambani-led conglomerate plans to use the country's dedicated external commercial borrowing route to secure the loan

News and Trends

Microfinance Loan Portfolio Grows Around INR 3.5 Lakh Crore By March End

The report added that quarter-on-quarter, the GLP grew by 8.6% from INR 3.20 lakh crore as of the December quarter in the last fiscal, with the growth in volume and value of loans disbursed


How to Harness the Power and Money of a Crowd Through Crowdfunding

You don't have to be rich, succumb to ever-growing interest rates, run the risk of your bank collapsing or use your house as collateral to build a franchise. All you have to do is find the right crowd.

Business News

Americans' Debt Just Exceeded $17 Trillion for the First Time — Here's the Smartest First Step to Fix Your Finances

Debt hit new record balances in nearly every category, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York reported.

Money & Finance

How to Access Capital in an Economic Downturn

Considering taking out a loan when economic hardship is on the horizon? Here's what you should know.


4 Crucial Signs That Your Small Business Needs Funding

Small businesses face a constant challenge in securing funding for growth. Unforeseen cash flow challenges can cause financial instability, potentially leading to failure. Here are four signs that indicate when a small business needs funding and how implementing a cash flow management tool can improve its financial situation and reduce its reliance on loans.

Growing a Business

Why Entrepreneurs Shouldn't Worry About Interest Rate Changes

Here's why entrepreneurs shouldn't panic about interest rate hikes and uncertain forecasts.