Make Your Brand Stand Out and Learn How to Create a Logo on a Budget

A logo is crucial to your brand's identity. Here's how to make one with ease.

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The Aunt Jemima Brand Changes Its Name for the First Time in a Century

The product line was accused of promoting racial stereotypes.

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This AI-Powered App Will Build You a Winning Logo for Just $40 Flat

You don't have to shell out thousands of dollars to a designer to get great branding.

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Interested in Starting a New Business? 8 Helpful Tips on How to Begin

Taking a long-term view and breaking up projects into manageable tasks are key.

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This Banana Chip Company Saw Early Online Success, But Soon Realized Its Branding Wasn't Ready for Retail

Bubba's Fine Foods originally sported a bearded man on its packaging, but have since switched to a more appealing monkey in a fedora.

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Papa John's Files Trademark to Lose Its Apostrophe and Spotlights New 'Papas' Who Aren't Its Founder

Grammar is only one tactic the pizza chain is using to distance itself from John Schnatter.

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How Your Company's Logo Influences Purchase Decisions

Square? Circular? Geometric? Organic? These elements actually communicate different things. Be sure you know what those are.

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Make a Name for Yourself: 4 Expert Tips for Choosing a Name and Trademark

With 6.7 million trademarks out there -- sigh -- it's getting hard to find something unique. Here's what to do instead.

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How to Create a Great Logo for Your Small Business

The first step to an awesome logo is an idea.

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