Mergers and Acquisitions

Entrepreneurship is Risky. Follow This Less Risky Path For Entrepreneurial Success

Startups face extreme challenges, and many of them fail. Instead of struggling with a startup, become an entrepreneur through acquisition.

Davis Smith

Interested in a Rapid Path to Business Ownership and CEO Status? Follow This Investment Method

This model is a means for entrepreneurs to venture into new fields and acquisitions.

Karl Eshwer

A Meeting Of Minds: Behind The Scenes Of The Maison Pyramide And Ego & East Merger

A look behind the scenes of the merger between two female-founded entities in the MENA region: consumer brand-building platform Maison Pyramide and talent management agency Ego & East.

Tamara Pupic

Purchasing a Business Doesn't Have to Be Difficult. Here's Your Comprehensive Guide.

This is a guide for what to do when you decide to buy a business. It focuses on how to find businesses for sale and how to analyze a purchase.

How To Find Success During Search Fund Launches

Search funds provide a means for entrepreneurs to search for, acquire, manage and grow a company.

Karl Eshwer

When Two Become One: M&A As A Growth Strategy For Your Startup

Having completed three acquisitions in 2022, Huspy's co-founder and CEO shares some key learnings from his startup's M&A strategy, along with some advice for founders on what they should keep in mind if they go down this route too.

Jad Antoun

JetBlue's $3.8 Billion Spirit Acquisition Moves Another Significant Step Forward

If approved by antitrust regulators, the deal is expected to close by the first half of 2024.

Amanda Breen

AUM Biosciences Plans To Become A Public Company

The merger allows AUM to further continue to focus on developing the scientifically differentiated portfolio

Teena Jose

3 Ways to Foster Trust and Communication During a Global M&A

Knowing how to navigate your teams through the complexities of this business venture can increase your chances of having a successful merger. Here are three suggestions for a successful transition.

Steve Ball

7 Deadly Sins of Merger and Acquisition Negotiations

These seven deal-killers will surely stop any deal in its tracks. Learn how to recognize and combat them.

Paula Steurer

Why Soft Skills Are More Important Than Hard Cash for Your Acquisition's Long-Term Growth

Mergers and acquisitions happen more often than we think, and it's not always the big fish in the sea looking to buy out the little guys.

Baptiste Monnet

Deeptech Startup Spyne Acquires Travographer For an Undisclosed Amount

With this acquisition, Spyne expands its presence in the real estate market