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#3 Apps To Monitor Your Child's 'In-Transit' Whereabouts

With these three apps, keeping track of your child's location becomes handy.


Want to Avoid Duplicating Work? Try These #3 Hacks if You are a Fintech Buff

Technology solutions used at the agency-level to manage smaller teams and processes can be integrated with larger systems (and ERPs) of parent companies

Social Media

Facebook's 'React Native' Has Changed the Rules of App Development

With this new cross-platform app, you can spend more time meeting users' needs and less time worrying about your choice of smartphone.

Science & Technology

3 Growth Strategies for Mobile Gaming

Develop quickly, but keep striving for improvements.


Marketing an App? Cut Your Facebook Ad Costs Dramatically With These Tips.

Learn how to optimize your marketing approach.

Growth Strategies

How to Pick the Perfect Market for Your Mobile App

Involve yourself in some deep market research before moving forward to development and deployment


#8 Ways to Make Your Mobile App Successful

In the current scenario, an estimated 270 billion apps are expected to be downloaded in 2017 alone


What Technologies Should your Hotel Adopt to Improve Guest Experience

When a hotel meets expectations, it acts as the sole motivator for choosing the same property for a guest's next stay

Business News

How to Pitch Apps to Small Businesses

The answer is simple, you are not pitching a mobile app, you are pitching business growth delivered through mobile.


#3 Must Have Apps For Business Travelers

Check out the 3 essential apps that can make groggy and dull airport wait-time productive, smart and entertaining.


These #5 Apps are Helping Millennials Make Enough Savings

Personal finance apps might not make you a millionaire overnight, but can surely help you keep a track on your expenses and plan your budgets better

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How To Get Your Staff On Board With Your New App

If your staff knows and understands the value of your app, they will be able to relay this information to customers.


Want to Start Your Own Garden? These #4 Apps Will Help You

Many start-ups and companies are building in apps through which one can easily measure plant growth and health.


Pushing the Boundaries with Fantasy Gaming App in Local Languages

This app is offering enriching sports experience in Hindi, Tamil and English