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Creating an MVP App to Secure Investors

Here's how you can build a minimum viable product app to raise money for your idea.


Uber presenta Uber Moto, la nueva modalidad para viajes más económicos, rápidos y eficientes

La aplicación de transporte privado amplía su oferta para brindar servicio en motocicleta en algunos puntos de México.


Build Mobile Apps Without Any Design Skills

This program offers an intuitive app development environment that makes it easy to build and manage apps without any technical expertise.

Science & Technology

Fintech's New Era: Profits, Perils and Limitless Potential

What it takes to succeed in this now $7.3 trillion market, its risks and what the future of fintech looks like.

Thought Leaders

Before You Spend Money and Time Launching an App, Do These 2 Things

Ani Torosyan of DishDivvy shares her tips.


Top 3 Apps To Help Boost Your Business

You'd never know how apps could change your business horizon, unless you try these top listers as your business partners


How Mobile Application Services Are Encouraging To Make India Travel Smartly And Efficiently

Mobile application services have created new ecosystems in the travel segment which deliver quality service to consumers at competitive prices


7 Handy Apps You'll Use Throughout Your Day

Whether for business or pleasure, you can find a great use for any of these on-sale items.

Science & Technology

Top 10 Apps That Are Positively Impacting Our Society

From education to community service, mobile apps can play a pivotal role in changing lives for the better.


3 Ways to Drive More Sales In Your App

Getting someone to download your app is just the start. Now you need great marketing.


Why Your App Should Target Smartwatch Wearables

Smartwatch popularity is growing fast. Don't risk losing out on this aggressively growing market.


7 Apps That Will Help You Rapidly Increase Your Productivity

Even if you have zero knowledge of tech or are on a budget.


20 Apps You Can Use Every Day, with Early Black Friday Pricing

Lock in some convenience with an extra 40 percent off.

News and Trends

India Bans Another 43 Chinese Apps; List Includes AliExpress

The decision was taken by the ministry of electronics and information technology under section 69A of the Information Technology Act


iPhone 12 Looks Phenomenal in the New Video

iPhone 12 will be one of the best flagship phones that every iSheep has been waiting for